Eating from Boston to Cambridge

If you’re a foodie, Boston is definitely a place you want to visit. They are known for their fresh seafood, New England classics and Bostonian dishes, such as Clam Chowder, Scrod, Raw Oysters, Baked Beans, Cannoli and Boston Cream Pie. If your health conscious, vegan or vegetarian there are also plenty of cafes and restaurants that are focused on organic, local and sustainable food.

We only had a couple of days to see Boston and the Harvard, Cambridge, so we tried as much local cuisine as we could. It was really nice to try some of Bostons finest foods, by cooks and chefs that make everything traditionally and in-house with New England ingredients. There was so much we didn’t get to try, so I would definitely go back to eat everything thing else I missed.

Have you been to Boston and Cambridge? What were your favourite foods?


Henrietta’s Table (Cambridge)

When we were visiting Harvard for the day we needed to find a nice place that was open early so we could get to our morning walking tour on time. Henrietta’s Table is a lovely little restaurant a short walk from Harvard Yard. They offer a variety of breakfast options, including farm fresh eggs, waffles, pancakes, cereals, and New England classics for quite a reasonable price. What I loved about this place is that they source the best regional and organically grown produce to support both their community and local farmers.  Everything that we ordered was very simple but done well. Wish we had more time to try lunch and dinner menu.

dsc01769Farm fresh eggs served with golden hash brown potatoes and whole wheat toast

dsc01768Homemade Granola Parfait with Berries, Apples, Yogurt and Honey

dsc01767Buttermilk Hotcakes


The Friendly Toast (Boston/Cambridge)

This diner was a convenient walk from our hotel in Backbay, Boston. They are well known, appearing on Man vs Food and TV Diner. They offer an extensive all-day breakfast menu including homemade breads, pancakes, crepes, benedicts, scrambles, omelets and that’s just breakfast. They offer vegetarian and vegan options and source fresh local ingredients. I loved the decor and the food was exciting too.

dsc01975Eggs, Tortillas with black beans & feta, red salsa & salsa verde, The Friendly Toast

dsc01976Omelette with home fries


More Cafes highly recommended for breakfast:

City Feed and Supply  (Jamaica Plain, Boston) – organic and sustainable

Green T Coffee Shop (Mission Hill, Boston) – local and sustainable

Wired Puppy (Back Bay, Boston) – specialty European-style coffee shop, voted the best coffee

Cocobeet (Boston) plant-based superfoods, organic, juices and raw and cooked meals

Alden & Harlow (Cambridge) – local ingredients, modern American cuisine

Flour Bakery Cafe (Boston/Cambridge) – pastries & cakes

Lunches & Indulgent Dinners

Unions Oyster House (Boston)

When I heard that Boston had America’s oldest restaurant I was really intrigued. This historical landmark offers an extensive seafood menu and is known for their clam chowder, oysters, and other New England dishes.

I ordered two dishes that were on my must-eats list for Boston, Scrod and Clam Chowder. I wasn’t that impressed with the Scrod but I really liked the Chowder. I very rarely eat anything with cream, but it was nice to break the rules for something so delicious. I also really liked the house corn bread. It was really sweet but so moist. I really liked the vibe of this place too, it was really felt we were hanging out with the locals.

dsc01750Broiled Fresh Boston Scrod, a New England Tradition a cut of fresh fillet of cod topped with seasoned crumbsdsc01748Oyster House Clam Chowder

dsc01733House Corn Bread

Durgin Park  Restaurant (Boston)

Something I was not going to leave Boston without trying was their famous Boston Baked beans. I heard that the best beans in town were from the historic centuries old Durgin Park. They also offer an extensive seafood menu, so I also had to try some Boston Oysters. They also prefer to make everything the old fashion way. The beans are cooked in stone crocks, the bread is made daily and all the seafood is fresh and delivered daily.

I really liked everything I had. The beans were tasty and the cornbread was delicious. The oysters were also really nice and fresh. The only con was the decor was very dated.


Faneuil Hall Marketplace (Boston)

This historic marketplace is located near the waterfront and Boston central. It offers shopping, dining and street entertainment. It is both an indoor and outdoor market, so it encompasses many restaurants on the street, including Durgin Park  Restaurant. Inside the Quincy buildings, there are many small grab-and-go eateries. They offer hotdogs, bagels, gelato, organic veggie bowls, hoagies, seafood, japanese and much more. It’s the perfect stop if you’re doing a tour and need a quick bite to eat.

On the evening we visited Faneuil Hall Marketplace, I had already decided to eat at Durgin Park  Restaurant. Marco preferred to get something on the go. He got this Boston Barker from Dog House Boston. He really enjoyed it.



Other highly recommended cafes and restaurants:

Sweet Green (Boston/Cambridge)- organic salad and veggie bowls

Boston Public Market (Boston)- many vendors offering local and organic specialty foods

Pressed (Boston)- plant-based superfoods, salads & smoothies

Haley House Bakery Cafe (Roxbury, Boston)- local and organic, hot and cold sandwiches

Neptune Oyster (Boston)- old world Italian seafood restaurant, known for Lobster Roll

The Daily Catch (Boston)- Sicilian-Style Seafood & Pasta

Casa Razdora (Boston)- regional Italian cooking

Legal Seafood (Boston/Cambridge)- quality fresh seafood, New England style dishes

Live Alive (Cambridge) – organic, vegetarian organic salad, veggie bowls and wraps


Georgetown Cupcakes (Boston/Georgetown)

We came across this gorgeous little cupcake shop when we were shopping in Backbay, Boston. They offer an abundance of flavours and even cater for vegans and gluten free. I’m so happy we got to try them in Boston as the Geogretown store’s line was so long we missed out. The frosting was really delicious and they give you quite a bit. The cake itself was nice and moist and flavoursome.

dsc01627Chocolate2, Chocolate Salted Caramel & Red Velvet


Mike’s Pastry (Harvard, Cambridge)

Our Harvard Yard tour guide told us we had to try Mike’s Pastries and that he had the best cannoli’s in town. Everything is made fresh on premises and the range is really extensive. After a bit of a disappointing lunch a few doors down, we needing something to perk us up a bit and Mike’s delicious desserts did the trick. I don’t usually like ricotta cannoli but it was really good. I actually ordered the cupcake and that was also really delicious and decadent.

dsc01874Chocolate ricotta cannoli & Peanut butter cupcakedsc01871


Omni Parker House (Boston)

We couldn’t leave Boston without trying the famous Boston Cream Pie. The best place to have it we were told was the historic Omni Parker House. We actually ended our Ghost Tour here at the Omni Hotel so it worked out well. We ordered the pie in the elegant Parker Bar. The pie was nice and fresh and was a lovely end to our last night in Boston.


Other dessert shops & restaurants to try:

Cookie Monstah – food truck serving homemade cookies

Maria’s Pastry Shop -Italian pastries, known cannoli and sforgiatelle

Flour Bakery Cafe (Boston/Cambridge) – cookies & cakes, etc. vegetarian & vegan options

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