Books I’m reading (Sept 17)

I go through phases where I become obsessed with one book and I have to read it in every spare moment until it’s finished. Then there are other times I just float between a few books, which I’m doing right now. There’s a few book sitting on my bedside that I’m trying to get through at the moment. So I thought I would share them and tell you why I’m really savoring every page.





Lover Mine by J.R. Ward

This book is the seven in this romantic fantasy series and yes it’s about vampires. I’ve always loved the supernatural long before the Twilight phenomenon and my love for romantic lives of immortal beings aren’t changing anytime soon. My partner Marco actually got me on to this series when I was looking for something new. I should have let him buy me the whole series instead of trying out the first book, Dark Lover.

J.R’s books are seductive and sexy, yet still thought-provoking. Throughout the series, the storyline unfolds, uncovering different characters backgrounds and introducing new characters to fall in love with. The books give multiple perspectives, both male and female, good and evil, so they are well balanced. I love the author refreshing perspective on vampire lineage, religion, and lifestyle, as it’s completely unique compared to other vampire novels. This book continues the war between the vampire Brotherhood and the evil Lessening Society of undead humans. I am really enjoying to get to know a newer character, John Matthew, as he fights to get back the female who was taken from him.



The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson PH.D

Now back to reality. I am a mother of a strongly minded toddler and trying to understand her and children’s behaviour, in general, is now my actuality. This book is fantastic in explaining how the child’s brain and the developmental challenges it faces. I have learned that dealing with my child’s big emotions is all about understanding that sometimes the primitive downstairs brain takes over and I need to engage her upstairs brain so calm the storm. This book gives an empathic approach to dealing with your child and makes you realise that this is normal behaviour that can be worked through positively.




Coloriage Wild by Emmanuelle Colin

Ok so this isn’t a reading book, it’s the colouring book that I am currently working on right now. It is beside my bed because I often colour while watching Netflix and YouTube videos. If you been watching my Instagram feed then you will see my progress. I will have a review up soon of this beautifully illustrated French colouring book.




Magicians of the Gods by Graham Hancock

I have been meaning to get to this book for a while, but it was hiding up on my bookshelf. So I’ve not got too far into it. For those who know me you probably know I’m a history lover, but you probably don’t know I have a big interest in past advanced ancient civilisations and Ancient Aliens. The mystery surrounding sites like Göbekli Tepe and Baalbek intrigues me. Who built theses sites, how did they do it and why. Graham makes a great point that ancient civilisations like the Ancient Egyptians, whose accomplishments of architecture, architecture, and astronomy (to name a few), lack any trace of an evolutionary process and appear perfect at their birth. This can also be found to be true of 12 000 year old Göbekli Tepe.

This book is thought-provoking and quite easy to read and understand. It also includes coloured photographer of some of the sites he talks about. So far I’m really enjoying it.



Read & Think Italian by the Editors of Think Italian Magazine

I bought this book a little while ago to brush up on my Italian language skills. I find most Italian books in book stores are Grammar books and I struggle reading Italian novels. However, this book is perfect for intermediate level Italian. The book is split into chapters, including culture, travel, traditions, gastronomy, art and customs. Each chapter covers different aspects of the themes, which are presented in one or two page easy to read articles. Throughout the article, there are words and phrases that have bold text. Beside each paragraph, these Italian words are repeated with the English translation. I find this really helpful, as I sometimes forget the meaning of some words or don’t recognise the phrasing and context. I also love this book because you don’t have to read it in order. You can select a page at random or you can read by chapter and test your comprehension at the end. The book also includes a CD, which includes 20 recorded readings from the book.


Have you read any of these books?

Did you enjoy them?

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