Lugano: Swiss-Italian perfection

When I last left you on our European travel adventure we were making our way up to see our family in Luino, Italy. On the way, we made two stops, Como and beautiful Lugano. I have been to Lugano a few times in the past. It is in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and a very short drive from the Italian border. In fact, most of my Italian family actually work in Switzerland. They are very fortunate to live so close to Switzerland for work opportunities and job security.

The lifestyle in Switzerland is still very different to Italy, despite the common language. The maintenance of the cities and towns is like night and day compared most of Italy. If you get a chance I really recommend stopping in Lugano  The drive is about an hour and a half from Milano. You can also get a highspeed train from Milan. There is a more direct route then we took, but driving through Como roughly takes the same amount of time and is more scenic.


Since we had already had lunch we needed some gelato to prop us up. After a few searches, I found one of the best gelaterias in Lugano, -9 Gelato Italiano. This little dessert shop is situated in the narrow streets near Piazza Mercato. They have a quite extensive menu of fresh artisan gelati, including dairy free. I had the strawberry and banana, and Marco had la stracciatella and menta glaciale & cioccolato fondante (mint chocolate). Octavia ate nearly half of both and was very disappointed when it was all gone.


Now that we were energized we went for a walk in the Parco Ciani. Lago di Lugano is still one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The teal blue water, misty blue mountains, and colourful garden beds, is just spectacular. In the park itself is also so plush and green and has many beautiful statues. There is also a really nice playground for little ones.


We continued walking to the end of the park and came across a bridge that led over a canal and down to the Foce del Cassarate. I had never been this far down before. There are more beautiful views and a popular hot spot for sunbakers, swimmers and swans.


So that’s as far as we got in Lugano this time, but I thought I would share some more photos of Lugano on my last trip.

A few years back I was lucky enough to visit on the 29th of April for the Venetian Festival. For centuries people have dressed in period Venetian clothing, gather in the park and dance in the square. It was truly magical to see history come to life.


I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of Lugano. Even if you passing through it’s a wonderful place to stop by and take in it’s majestic beauty. There are also many activities you can do, such as hiking, boat rides, museums. For more information on this beautiful Swiss city see the Lugano Turismo.

8 thoughts on “Lugano: Swiss-Italian perfection

  1. 🙂 It’s nice to see Lugano form another point of view! I’ve lived there for many years and I’m missing the splendid view of the lake and the mountains around.
    When we go back there, I always love to visit the Parco Ciani again as it is bountiful all the year round. Thanks a lot for the great report!


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