My Christmas List…

Something I love about being an adult is being able to fulfil my own Christmas list. No more disappointments or being told that my wishes too numerous and unrealistic. Ok, some of it may be even too unrealistic for me to fulfil but at least I get to decide what is attainable and will remain a dream. Unfortunately with adulthood, so come the understanding of the value of money and that ‘things’ don’t make you happy. Nevertheless, ‘Santa’ has a sack of presents for me this year, so Christmas is going to be fantastic!

My interest (and obsessions) this year mostly revolve around colouring,  reading historical, politic and fantasy novels, Disney and travel. This is probably pretty obvious if you’re a frequent visitor to my blog. My life has changed so much since becoming a mother. I prefer to spend my spare time blogging, colouring, reading, watching late night and TV series, playing Disney Magic Kingdoms, planning future travel and eating out with friends. Shopping was previously a lifelong passion, but now it just seems too hard to look in a shop, let alone try something on and make it to the cash register to buy it. Until recently, everything I bought needed to double as nursing wear. So I expect in the new year I may try to get a few new items to update my wardrobe. I’m not too worried about that yet. At the moment I’m more interested in hobbies that are a bit more solitary since I spend my of my time accompanied by a small person, whose needs are more important than my own.



Already in Santa’s sleigh


I’m really excited to start colouring all these books. I have been a long time fan of both Eriy and Tanya Bond. I have promised myself that I won’t even look at them until Christmas morning. I really wanted to experiment with different art supplies for backgrounds, so I ordered the full set of Windsor & Newton Cotman Water Colours and a set of Tombow Makers.

Since I’ve had Octavia I haven’t been able to make pasta. With my manual machine, it’s needs two people to make it and Marco is at home to help me. These Kitchen Aid attachments will be great to make pasta without anyone’s help. I’m extra excited about the Ravioli attachment, since its one of mine and Octavia’s favourite foods.

I only bought a couple of items of clothing this year. These Supersoft sandals are a little grandma-ish but they look great on, will go with everything and will be so comfortable for Summer travelling. I’m getting too old to be uncomfortable. The sleepwear is for our Christmas Eve Pj’s tradition. I bought some Chloe and Lola last year and love them, so they were a must.


Some extra wishes 😉


As you can see I’m mostly wishing for more books to read, to cook with and to colour in and more pencils. I need to get Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. I am so addicted to the TV series and I know I’m going to love the books. Chloe’s Flavor I will also get once it’s available since I’m such a big fan. I have all her books and cook from them regularly. This will be a great list to share with my family and friends around birthday time since I doubt I’ll be getting any of these goodies for Christmas.



Unattainable dreams


The big unattainable dreams that will most probably never come to pass. They are unaffordable and extravagant. Or their not available in Australia (ei Burts Bees, Pottery barn US stock and snow).


Have you made a Christmas list?

What are your Christmas wishes?

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