Christmas Colouring Project

During the holiday season, I committed to colouring as many Christmas themed pages I could from my colouring book collection. I started at the end of November and just finished my last one yesterday. I managed to do nine pages (including two double pages spreads) from five different colouring books. Most of these books are Japanese colouring that I hadn’t started yet. The first thought is one of my Swedish colouring books, which I was happy to revisit.

To colour these images I used a variety of mediums, including Derwent Inktense pencils, Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils, Prismacolor Premier pencils, Touch Nice Watercolor Markers, Mungyo pastels, white Posca pen and a variety of gel pens.

This was a really fun project, that really got me into the Christmas spirit. I liked to imagine it’s snowing outside while sweating it out in the heat of summer.

Did you do any Christmas colouring or Christmas inspired art during the holiday season?


This Scandinavian Santa is from the Swedish colouring book Emelie Lidehäll Öberg’s Sagor och Sägner. I used Derwent Inktense Pencils, some Prismacolor Premier pencils, gel pens and white Posca pen. I initially intended to do this one with just my Inktense pencil and water pen, but then I smudged red all over his beard and shirt. So I needed to add some Prismacolor over the top. I did find the paper did get a little wavey from the water, but with compression, it has improved.

This one was a fun one to do and research. I didn’t realise it was a Scandi Santa until I found some similar picture. I think this Santa walks from house to house with a sack full of toys and a small tree. If you want to see more from Sagor och Sägner Colouring Book, see my Book Review or Gallery of completed work.


This adorable picture is from Kanoko Egusa’s Menuet de bonheur. I used Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils, a white Prismacolor Premier pencil for blending and a white gel pen. I did find the Polychromos pencils worked a lot better for me in this book than the Prismacolor pencils that I previously coloured for the Halloween themed picture. I did need the white Prismacolor for blending the background and some of the other elements as Polychromos are very hard pencils. I also found I needed to do 4 to 5 layers of colour to cover the white speckling in the paper.

I actually didn’t know these were chipmunks. After a few searches, I realised what they were so I could colour them correctly. I also didn’t know that mistletoe was white and holly was red. I love how this one turned out so much. It was actually nominated as a banner for the Secret Garden Facebook group that I am a member of. This was the first time my work made it as the daily banner, so I was very excited. I have not done a review of this book yet, but I have made a  gallery, where I will add completed works from this book.

Menuet de bonheur  Christmas 2

This is another one from Kanoko Egusa’s Menuet de bonheur. I used Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and gel pens. I tried to cover the black lines on the animals as best I could and blended the gell pencils with the pencil. I wanted the picture to look like a set of designer home. I’m not sure I pulled it off as the wallpaper didn’t turn as well as I liked. I am happy how the animals look though.


This disney image is from Inko Kotoriyama’s  Adult Disney Love’s gift Lovely painting lesson book (Full of love scenes) (Beauty and the Beast cover). It is the first page I have got to colour in this beautiful book. I used Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils and a white Posca pen to go over some of the lines and do dots. I tried to find the original image for this picture and I found a few versions, which I used similar colours from. I was a bit stumped when I finished Mickey and his friends. The line art for the flowers was quite faint, compared to the characters, but still needed to be coloured. I didn’t want to take away from the characters pop of colour, so I went with a simple blue and white colour scheme. I think I made the right choice, as they pop out of the background quite well.

I have not done a review of this book yet, but I have made a gallery, where I will add completed works from this book.


This is from the Japanese Disney Coloring to decorate the four seasons (Boutique Mook no.1255).  I coloured it with Touch Nice Watercolor Markers from Wish. This picture is actually the size of a postcard and it doesn’t have an image on the back, so it was perfect to experiment with. I did find the paper didn’t take as well as I liked to the water and these pens did bleed through a little. They also blend through on my watercolour paper in my art book, which I experimented in. For the colour scheme, I stuck to the colours of the original vintage image.

I am not sure who is the author of this colouring book, but it is official Disney merchandise. I haven’t done a review of this book yet either. I will add all completed work to this gallery.



This adorable Winnie the Pooh Winter Wishes image is also from the Japanese Disney Coloring to decorate the four seasons (Boutique Mook no.1255). This book is quite large so I was a bit worried how I was going to colour it, but I just did part-by-part over many days and I got it done. I really enjoyed colouring in this book. The paper is nice and thick and Prismacolor pencils work really well in it. I used about 3 layers minimum to cover the white speckling in the paper. I used Prismacolor Premier pencils, Mungyo pastels (background) and a white Posca pen. I ended up going over the pastel background with pencil, so I didn’t need to use as much pencil to cover it.



The last picture is from One World Disney to Travel Coloring Book (Boutique Mook no.1236). This book is very similar to the previous book. The pages are quite large so I was a bit unsure how to cover this entire page. I ended up using Mungyo pastels for the background, with some white posca pen for the snow and snowflakes. For the rest of the picture, I used black fineliner, Prismacolor Premier pencils and silver gel pen. I did have to be careful with the black fineliner, as I found it left a slight shadow if I went on to hard. I haven’t had this happen in my other colouring books, so I was a bit surprised.

I’m quite happy how this picture turned out considering how simple it was. I haven’t done a review of this book, but I will add completed pictures to this gallery.

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