Best of 2017

As we say goodbye to 2017,  I thought I would take a look back at the past year to see how far Live Eat Colour has come. I launched this blog on December 16th, 2016. So this year has really been where most of my content has been published. I have gained 542 followers and been visited by people from 119 countries. This blog did take a little while to take off, so I am very happy to end up with that many followers in the first year. I am also grateful for the many WordPress friends I have made along the way. Their comments and support have really kept me going.

My blog reflects all of my life passions, which is why I have written a variety of content about life, food and adult colouring. Why not focus on one niche? Well, I think I would get bored with one topic. It also means that I can write about my other interests when I can’t give my all to a particular passion (e.i cooking). So this is why I have divided my blog into three areas.

Live – Eat – Colour

In my Live section of the blog, I have written posts about my Travel adventures to 8 countries and 7 Disney Parks. These countries include USA, Italy, Switzerland, France, Serbia, Sweden, New Zealand and Japan. I have shared with you my photos, some of the best sites and attractions, restaurant experiences and Guides to theme parks. I have also given you advice on Non-toxic and Eco products that you can actually buy in Australia and Simple ways to get greener (more tips to come). In the new year, I will continue writing about my recent trips to Europe and America, as well as an upcoming trip to Singapore in January.

In my Eat section, I share plant-based recipes, my Best Eats Abroad and Best Eats at Home.  This year I have only brought you 23 recipes. The most viewed recipe is Spaghetti Squash with Sun dried Tomato, Olive, Red Wine Sauce. I hope to grow this section in the new year, by creating more recipes and doing reviews of some of my cookbooks and restaurants.

In my Coloursection, I have brought you 13 Colouring Book Reviews, with many completed coloured pictures. I have also written Colouring Updates and product reviews. and created Galleries for each of my books. With my growing collection of colouring books, expect to see more reviews and some videos in the new year.

Top 9 of 2017

Since ‘liked’ posts only reflect WordPress subscribers, I have gathered the Top 9 viewed posts of 2017. They are mostly posts on  Non-toxic and Eco-products and Adult Colouring. I really wanted to write about non-toxic products because it’s something I am always on the look for and do a lot of research about before buying something. Most product lists are usually by online stores or from non-Australian websites. The adult colouring is really fun topic to write about and is a topic I find myself searching for a lot online. I love reading and watching book reviews and seeing other’s work. I hope others will continue to get inspiration from my work too.


My favourites 9 of 2017

These posts are the one that I enjoyed writing and I am most proud of. The two on this list are Marco’s hometown in Serbia and my extended families town in Italy. They are both very special places to us and somewhere we will keep visiting.  I also really enjoyed writing all my Guides for Disney, but the Magic Kingdom in Florida is by far my favourite Disney park. Eco Toys for babies and Art supplies for kids are posts that I took really seriously and enjoyed researching. I actually did the research already for Octavia, so it was just a matter of formating it for others to enjoy. My next two are the parties I made for Marco’s Game of Thrones birthday feast and Octavia’s Trolls Party. I love putting on a party and making everything from scratch. My last two is a Book Review I did of one of my favourite Swedish colouring books and How to choose colours for colouring. I really went in depth with my process and of how I coloured the pictures in hopes to inspire others to colour something they can be proud of as well.

AleksinacLuinoGuide to Magic KingdomEco toys for under 12 monthsArt MaterialsFeastTrolls PartySagor Och SagnerChoosing colours

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