Göteborg: a sunny afternoon

I thought I would have finished sharing this Euro Trip before the new year but only a couple more stops to go. After visiting the beautiful Swedish cities of MalmöYstadLund and Heisenberg, we spent one afternoon in Göteborg. This was not the first time we have visited Göteborg and we saw most of the sites last time. I will share the best of Göteborg in a future post.

We came to Göteborg to see Marco’s uncle. Unfortunately, he was unable to spend more time with us, but it was worth the trip to spend the afternoon with him. This was the first time Octavia had met him but she got along with him straight away, possibly because he looks so much like her grandfather.



We took a walk into the centre and on the way, I came across this plain looking church, Romersk-Katolska Kyrkan Kristus. I thought I may as well have a look inside and it was truly gorgeous and very unusual.


We made our way to the Trädgårdsföreningen (Garden Society of Gothenburg), which is a park and horticultural garden. In the centre of the park is the Palmhuset (The Palm House). It is made of glass and white cast iron and was modelled as the Crystal Castle in London. Inside there are so many beautiful species of tropic plants and palms of course. I just love the different exotic colourful plant species and water features.


We continued walking through the Trädgårdsföreningen park. It is so lush and pretty with countless trees, garden beds, statues and roses. It is actually the best preserved 19th-century parks in Europe.


We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the centre of Göteborg and hunting for a nice place to stop and eat. I love the artistic vibe of this city. There are so many modern art installations and the neoclassical buildings are very well preserved.


We came across the Saluhallen (The Market Hall), which is the biggest indoor market in Göteborg. There were so many interesting and delicious looking foods to eat. If it wasn’t close to shutting up for the day we would have taken a bite here.


We were hungrily looking for a nice place to eat and then we saw the Italian restaurant, Aldardo. Everything coming out of the restaurant looked pretty good, so we got their last table upstairs. We ordered Pappardelle al Tartufo, Lasagne al Forno, Linguine Boscaiola and Pizza Rigamonti. The pastas were quite nice and very generous. The pizza was a little disappointing, as I think they had already pre-cooked the base. It didn’t taste terrible but it didn’t have that freshly baked taste.


Our next and last stop on this trip is the little country of Belgium, where we spent time in Brussels and Bruges.

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