2# Life Update: January 18, Singapore

This is my first life update for 2018 and only the second so far on the blog. I did promise you more about my personal life in my New Years Plans and Goals. So I thought I would let you know whats going on in my January, as I make the trip across the sea to Singapore today.



Well, since the celebrations have come to a close, life slapped back with a new respiratory virus. The joys of being a mother to toddler aged kindy kid. My doctor keeps telling me this is all normal and it’s not my fault, but I can’t help thinking some of the gaps in my diet and lack of sleep are all to blame. More green juices and raw salads need to be a part of my future. Its been nearly three weeks, but I’m nearly all better and today I am flying to Singapore.



Today we fly to Singapore and will stay for ten days. Why so long? Well because we can. Ten days is too short to travel to the Europe or America. Two days are used up for travel so we only really have 8 days. We did consider New Zealand again, but we figured overall Singapore would be cheaper and more child-friendly. My friends have asked us what exactly we are going to do for so many days there. Well, I have already organised my itinerary and its chock-a-block full of fun activities and places to eat. I can’t wait to explore the different ethnic districts, eat amazing Asian cuisines, shop like a crazy woman and visit my first Universal Studios park.



Since I have recently finished writing about my Euro Trip for 2017, I will soon start a series on my adventures in Singapore. Hopefully, I can inspire you to visit this amazing little metropolis or stay a little long the next time your passing through.

While I’m away I will have a few of posts scheduled to keep you entertained. I have recently been working on the colouring book Inklings (Artist Edition) by Tanya Bond. I received this book for Christmas from my mum and I just love it. So expect to see a colouring book review and a new gallery set up for this magical book. I will also be reviewing some new pencils that I bought during the Black Fridays Sales.


The rest of Jan

Since  I have been so sick the past few weeks I had to reschedule my driving exam. I was so upset about that, but I was bedridden and it wasn’t worth risking failing for missing a sign or coughing all over the examiner. So when I get back hopefully I will have a licence, just before I start the new semester for Post Grad Museum studies. I’m not sure how I’m going to juggle a toddler, study, the house and hobbies but I guess for 15 weeks I will just have to let some things go a little. I know Marco is rolling his eyes right now on the ‘house upkeep’. I guess you’ll be picking up the slack baby. If only he could cook, he would be perfect, but then he wouldn’t need me.

Before I left Australia I coloured this quick one from Hanna Karlzon’s Summer Nights before I left. I used Derwent Artist Pencils, Faber-Castell Polychromos and white Posca pen. I’m not a fan of the Derwent pencils on their own but they blend so lovely with Polychromos. I’m going to miss my pencils so much while I’m away.


Well, until we get back I hope you are all having a fantastic January and look forward reply to any comments and visit you all on your blogs when I return!

5 thoughts on “2# Life Update: January 18, Singapore

  1. Good morning dear,

    You are really amazing ,i saw your colouring, i just like it so much . I read in your blog , you are not feeling well , please do take care .
    Hope you recovery full soonest.

    Happy travelling !

    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment SK. I’ve been busy walking the streets of Singapore 😀 I’m feeling much better now thanks. I’m so happy O didn’t bring a new virus with her on holidays. I have a new colouring pages schedule to pop up on here in a few days. I hope you like them 😊 Take care 💋

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good evening dear,

        Lovely , glad to hear from you , walking down the of street Singapore really amazing moment for you all , a lot of places for eat out , i hope you enjoy your holidays. I will waiting to see new colouring pages of yours 🌺yes i am excited to see the colouring combination, it make me so happy to learn something new.
        Thank you very much, have wonderful holidays🤗❤️ SK

        Liked by 1 person

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