4# Life Update: meeting plans and goals

Hi guys, hope you’re having a great weekend. How is everyone going with their New Years resolutions?

At the beginning of this year, I announced my New Years Plans and Goals. I had three major plans for this year:

  • travel to Singapore
  • getting my driving licence
  • go back to university.

Well so far, so good. I have already gone and returned from my trip to Singapore. I am currently in the middle of organising my photos and writing my travel series for this trip. My most recent posts were my Singapore buys and experiences in Little India. The next two posts will be about China Town and the Singapore Zoo, so stay tuned.

If your interested in some of my other travel stories I have updated my Travel Adventures page. I have made some colourful tabs so you can click on them to find the posts that are associated with each country.

I have also added a Travel Series page with all my trips chronically ordered. From here you can select by the trip, to see all posts in that series.



Now, I am glad to announce that as of yesterday I got my drivers licence. I was practising every day since I got back from holidays in the area where the test would be held. I was so nervous, that I even had induced a high fever the night before the exam. I’m not sure how I got so sick considering how positive and excited I was to go for it. On the day I had a really nice examiner who made me feel at ease. He gave me 100% pass and the only comment on my exam was ‘Good safe driver’. I can’t believe it’s finally happened considering it was one of my biggest fears in life.


Marco and Octavia were also so happy that I finally got my licence. Marco is over the moon that I can do morning kindy runs and Octavia was happy that now we can go to the playground and go for ice cream whenever we want.

After the driving test, we had a celebratory lunch at Roti & Buns and Acai Brothers (Chermside). Both of these stores recently opened while we were away. I love that I can now get fresh, homemade roti and dumplings so locally. I am also very happy with this new smoothie bar, which has a fantastic menu of smoothies, bowls and juices. We actually already tried Roti and Bun when we first got back. We had the vegetarian Roti canai. But we wanted to also try the Chicken Curry with Roti and Golden Dumplings. It was just as good as our first experience and up there with the roti and dumpling in Singapore. From Acai Brothers, we just tried a Mango Super Smoothie, which was also amazing and tasted just that little bit more special. So looking forward to returning to these two in the future.



After lunch, I took Octavia for a drive 30 minutes to my mother’s house and to Rocks River Park, which is one of the best places to take kids in our city. Today I took a drive by myself to get coffees (since the coffee machine is getting repaired) and later I took Octavia out for ice cream at Gelatissmo. We had Melonberry Sorbet and Sugar-free Chocolate Sorbet. Both were amazing and were really enjoyed by mostly Octavia.



As for university, I will be returning to the University of Queensland on the 19th of February. I’m so looking forward to getting back to studying and making a start on a career path in museums and art galleries. I am so happy that I will actually be able to drive there too. No more buses for me. The journey there is so long that I would much rather sit in traffic with some tunes then worry about catching two buses. I’m not sure how I will juggle study with a toddler, but its only going to be one subject so hopefully I’ll keep up.

On the goal front, I really have to do some improvements there. I’ve been adding salads backing to our daily mix. I have also been trying to be more personal with you all. Not really organised or creating videos and recipes yet. However, I still plan to keep to those goals and see what happens.

Before I go, wouldn’t be amazing if your family had a pizza shop with vegan, gluten-free (and regular) pizzas? Well lucky me does have in-laws with a Mediterranean pizza shop. This was one of the first meals I had when I returned from Pitstop Pizza, It was delicious and so satisfying! Look them up if you are in Brisbane.




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