Gardens by the Bay: Cloud Forest

After visiting the Flower Dome, we made our way to the equally amazing Cloud Forest. This dome features a 35 metre tall mountain, shrouded in tropical highland plants and ferns. Spilling from the peak of the mount is the worlds tallest indoor waterfall and a cloud of mist. This dome is 0.8 hectares, making it a bit smaller than the Flower dome. Within the dome there are nine unique zones, which can be enjoyed as you make your way to the top and back down again.

Cloud Forest Map .png


When we first entered the Cloud Forest we came face-to-face with the amazing Falls. It is even more spectacular in reality. I could no believe how many different ferns were surrounding this enormous mount. All I could imagine was how I was going to replicate some of these different ferns in my Magical Jungle colouring book.



Before we made our way to the lifts to ascend up the mount, there was a beautiful display along the outer side of the dome. There was larger then life orchids and carved wooden dragons. I believe this was only  a temporary display for Chinese New Year and something else would be in its place next time.


The line to the lifts didn’t take too long and we made our way to the very top of the mount, which is the Lost World zone. In this area there are a variety orchids and carnivorous plants, including pitcher plants and Venue Fly-catchers. There is also a beautiful pond display with lego modeled carnivorous plants.


From the Lost World the Cloud Walk platform walkway, gives an amazing view of the Marina Bay, as well as a closer inspection of the vegetation surrounding the mount. Once we came back around we took a lift down to the Cavern From here you can see the Waterfall view.

The next level down took us to the Crystal Mountain Cave, which features real stalactites, stalagmites and crystal amethyst. There are mirrors on the ceiling, to perhaps make this area a bit more interesting. The Tree Top Walk platform extends from this level, which gives you a elevated view of the entire mount from the other side, so you can’t see the waterfall.


The last stop is a new area, the Secret Garden, which located underneath the mount. Just in this small area there are 7000 plants, which include gesneriads, begonias, orchids and ferns, which are commonly found in limestone forests and caves.  There is also a installation of miniature orchids that have magnifying glasses to allow  you to see them better. In this area there is also a pond and a variety of animal sculptures. This was a real treat as we were expecting to come upon this new zone and it was probably my favourite part.


That brings us to the end of the Cloud Forest tour. If you want to know more about the Gardens by the Bay, the Flower Dome or admission prices, head over to my previous post Gardens by the Bay: Flower Dome. In my next post, I will take you to dinner at the Supertree dining and share some photos of the Garden Rhapsody evening performance.

15 thoughts on “Gardens by the Bay: Cloud Forest

    1. This one is just right next door to Flower Dome. I know right. No those flowers were models. I think large orchid was made of glass but the rest were that hard plastic. I’m not sure what the theme was because there was no signage but I think they will change.

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    1. Thanks Tori 🙂 I’ve never come across something so amazing and enormous but many places in Europe have amazing botanic gardens with native flowers. I love this since we don’t have such delicate flowers in Australia. I live in the tropical part so everything a bit tougher up here lol

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