Gardens by the Bay: Garden Rhapsody

After visiting the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, we made our way to the SuperTree Grove, in Gardens by the Bay. This area features 12 Supertrees (out of 18) and is located in the center of the park. These special trees are man-made vertical gardens that are designed like large canopies. They give shade during the day and come to life during the night.They measure between 25- 50 meters, the tallest being 16 stories high. You can take a trip to the top of one of the trees or walk along the OCBC Skyway for an 128-metre aerial walkway. The trees contain up to 162,900 plants of over 200 species, including  bromeliads, orchids, ferns and tropical flowering climbers.


The Supertree Dining area is adjacent to the Supertrees and offers five different causal restaurants, which includes a Singaporean Coffee House, Chinese, Indian, Fried Chicken and an Asian/Western restaurant. We decided it would be best to have dinner here, since it was conveniently close to the Supertrees, which were going to performing later for the Garden Rhapsody. However, if we had more time I would have loved to go to the other end of the park and have dinner at the Satay by the Bay. They also had great reviews.

For dinner I chose the Peach Garden Noodle House, which is the Chinese restaurant. This one had quite good reviews compared to the others. We shared the Dry Noodle with Char Sui Pork, Chicken Soya and Roasted Duck with Rice and Carrot Cake with XO Sauce. I was really excited to try the Carrot Cake, which is not what it sounds like. It is not a dessert and contains no carrot. Its Southern Chinese dish which is actually made of rice flour and white radish (white carrot), which is steamed and then cut in cubes and fried with garlic, eggs, chai poh (preserved radish). I really liked it, but Marco and Octavia thought it was horrible. They other dishes were nice, but the portions was a fair bit smaller then what we had become accustomed to in Singapore.



After dinner we stepped next door to the Hill Street Coffee Shop for some tea, kopi and ice cream. I hadn’t realized that this is actually a restaurant as well that serves classic Singaporean dishes. In hindsight I would have preferred to dine here, being that I liked the classic Singaporean foods more than Chinese food. The dishes were also very cheap and looked nice.


After dinner we came outside for the evening performance of the Garden Rhapsody. This is a free performance with plenty of space to sit or stand and watch. It starts at 7:45 and is repeated at 8:45 and goes for about 15 minutes. The Garden Rhapsody is a light and sound show, which features the Supertrees which light up and change colours to the music. Depending on when you visit the theme and music will be different as this changes regularly. The night we visisted I believe the performance was called a Journey through Asia. It was quite beautiful to watch and Octavia really enjoyed it.


After the Garden Rhapsody we made our way out of Gardens by the Bay. At this point we had to give back the pram at the domes and my feet felt like they were going to fall off. I cursed Marco for not wanting to wait for the shuttle bus. But then for $3 each it was a bit of a waste of money. We walked along the Waterfront Promenade and along the Dragonfly Lake. The gardens and other landmarks near by were all lite up and it was really pretty to see and worth the walk just to get these pictures.


If you are curious about the Garden Rhapsody, there are plenty of Youtube videos of past performance. If you didn’t catch by last two posts about the Gardens by the Bay, they featured the large domes, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. For my next post we will be visiting Tiong Bahru.

13 thoughts on “Gardens by the Bay: Garden Rhapsody

    1. Thanks Niken! No I didn’t get a chance to do that. After seeing the gardens we in a hurry to have dinner before the lighting performance. I didn’t realise you could also go up on the highway while the show was on. I’m quite scared of highs so not sure I would have enjoyed it so much, especially with my toddler running around lol Have you been up?


      1. That suks. The weather seems so unpredictable in Singapore. This afternoon was the also the worst for us, so we didn’t get to see all the gardens, but luckily it cleared enough by nightfall. There are a couple of other free lighting shows at Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa. I also so the one at Sentosa which was very nice too.


    1. Yes Amitesh. I was told that best time was to visit the gardens after 3 if you want to stay for the Garden Rhapsody. I would go a little earlier if its not raining and you can see your the rest of the outdoor gardens. We were unable to, but we still fit in dinner before the show.

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