Singapore Airport: a destination

Our last hours on our Singapore Trip were spent at the Singapore Changi Airport. We didn’t have to fly until the afternoon but since the airport is a destination within itself we thought we would spend our remaining time here. This airport is consistently ranked as one of the best airports in the world. So whether your passing through or have a spare few hours before your flight you will have plenty to do here.


The Changi Airport has four Terminals, which can easily be travelled between using the monorail. Each terminal has its own dining area, entertainment, displays and shopping. If you prefer stay put in you terminal or want to explore another, it is easy to see what is available in the terminals by using the maps or online directories: Facilities & Services directory; Dining directory. You definitely can’t go hungry with the amount of food vendors in each terminal. You also won’t be bored with the amazing gardens, displays cinemas, playgrounds and other entertainments on offer.

We spent most of our time this visit in Terminal 1 & 2, so this is just a snap shot of what is available at the Changi Airport. If you know your going to be here for a least 2 hours or more its worth checking out what interests you on the website, otherwise just wonder around and enjoy the sites. If you have at least 5.5 hours, do check out the Free Singapore Tour.

When we arrived we need to have breakfast, so we stopped into Wang Cafe (Terminal 1). This is another Singaporean chain that serves kopi and toast sets. We had our last Kopi and Marco and O got their final Kaya Toast and Egg set. I wanted to try something different so I ordered the Ah Ma Mian noodle dish. I wasn’t that impressed by my dish which was very salty. Kopi was amazing though.

Next stop was the playground. I believe we have visited most of the playgrounds in the Singapore airport since travelling with our daughter. This was our first time visiting this playground at Terminal 1. This one was nice and quiet and away from all the hustle and bustle of the gates. It is ideal for young children and includes a large play area, pay-to-ride vehicles and a drawing table. We had a lot of fun making rubbing the crayons on the stencils to make pretty pictures. We also meet some lovely carer that brought their autistic children to play. Since this is such a calm part of the airport it is an ideal place for their outings and it was lovely to see them having fun.


Downstairs we came across the Changi’s Mystical Garden with Sanrio Characters. This was a beautiful display, which had a big pink dog for the year of the dog. I believe the Sanrio characters displays change regularly.


Afterwards we made our way to Terminal 2 to see the Enchanted Garden. The garden comes to life with sounds of nature and blooming flowers, which are triggered by motion sensors. There are gorgeous giant glass bouquet sculptures full of fresh flowers and ferns and a Koi Pond.


Next the two kids needed their snacks. So they bought some poporn at Garrett Popcorn shop. We also tried the famous jerky from Bee Cheng Hiang. Both were pretty good.


Further down there was the Orchid Garden, which features 700 orchids of 30 species. They are grouped by colours and shapes and represent the 4 natural elements.  There is also a enormous koi fish, which have daily feedings at 8-8:30am and 3-3:30pm.


There are so many dining options at the aiport, including hawker centres. Straits Food Village is hawker centre located in Terminal 2 and serves old school Singaporean dishes like Bak Kut Teh and  Nasi Lemak. The prices are reasonable hawker prices and this dining hall is nicely decorated.


There are two Movie theatres at the Airport. This one is at Terminal 2, but you can also find another at Terminal 3. Its completely free to watch a movie here and they run 24 hours. Last time we were passing through we got to watch Sing! at 2 am, but this time the movie was a little grown up for our toddler.


Our next stop was the Sunflower Garden, which is outside the Transit Hall (Terminal 2). In case you forgot that Singapore is hot, you can get a reminder while enjoying the beautiful variety of sunflowers grown in this nursery.


Near by you can find the Orchid Cafe & Bar and Playstation console games.


Downstairs you can watch the latest sports events at the Xperience Zone. You can also send interactive  e-Postcard here. I think most of the people here were just enjoying the comfy plush seats, rather than utilising the facilities.



Since our flight was leaving from Terminal 1 we made our way back. Here we noticed the Social Tree, which is a 9m tall interactive installation. You can share and store your photos and videos on this time capsule for future generations. Unfortunatley we didn’t have the time to investigate it further.



We needed to have a quick lunch before getting our flight. My favourite hawker centre is in Terminal 3 but since we were in Terminal 1 we went to Food Gallery Menu of Colours. So after you worked out what  you want, you actually have to pay on the machine and then when your meal is ready the stand making your food calls your number. You can find most of the classic Singaporean dishes here like Hainanese Steamed Chicken Rice, Cantonese Wanton Noodles, Indian Roti Prata, Malay Satay, etc. I got the Terraki Salmon bento to share with O and Marco ordered a Wonton soup. He was sick of  me taking photos of his food, which is why there is no photo of his. The dish wasn’t amazing but it was also good for the price. Nearby there is the Singaporean chain 4Fingers which serves the most amazing Fried Chicken. I know because we have one at home.


So that was our day at the airport and the end of our Singaporean holiday.


26 thoughts on “Singapore Airport: a destination

  1. Lovely photos. It is true. You will never bored in Singapore Airport, so many things to see and do. I also like “Bee Cheng Hiang” and the “Mie Siam” since I can get that either in Singapore or in Malaysia only. Great post.

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  2. I agree with you: Changi Airport is THE best airport I’ve been to in a long, long while. Or ever, maybe. It shows that an airport can be conditioned and organized for the pleasure of its users, not the convenience of the airport. Amongst other things it was the fastest check-in and security check I’ve been through ever. Thumbs up Changi

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Equinoxio. I think your right. I don’t know of any other airport with so much entertainment for adults and kids. I find it much less stressful and look forward to Changi stopovers. Only thing that I’m not a fan of is the security check before boarding, which I haven’t seen elsewhere.

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