5# Life Update: Scandi Trip

I haven’t given an update in a while and now is probably the best time to let you know what we are up to. We are currently on another trip in Scandinavia for 3 weeks. We actually left a couple of weeks ago, but since I didn’t think I would have time to travel and blog simultaneously, I am writing this in advance.

So how did this happen? Long-story-short there was amazing short study trip to Italy for my school of Museum studies. I really wanted to go, but it the logistics didn’t pan out with a 3 year old and an intensive schedule. Next thing Marco found some super cheap tickets to Finland, which we booked immediately for  between semester and here we are.

So our travel plan begins with our flight into Helsinki, then the we fly within a few hours to Oslo, Norway. We will spend a few days there and then catch a train to Bergen and from there we will do a road trip visiting Flam and Balestrand. After returning to Bergen we will fly to Stockholm, Sweden and do some site seeing and visit family. From there we take a overnight cruise ship to Helesinki, Finland. We have a few days in Helesinki, including a day trip in Tallinn, Estonia. Then we take another road trip in Finland, visiting Turku, Tampere, Ähtäri Zoo, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Savonlinna, Porvoo and return to Helsinki to fly home. So I spent the week before making this itinerary, which includes all the sites and places to eat. Marco organised the Airbnb’s, car hire, flights etc. It was a very ambitious trip to organise with a toddler, which we hoping will be a happy traveller.

So while I have been away and until I returned I had schedule the rest of my posts. I have finally finished my Singapore Trip, which you would have already seen. Over the next week I have upcoming posts, including a book review and video for the Swedish colouring book Skymningstimman (Nightfall) by Maria Trolle, a review of Holbein Artists’ Pastel Tone Pencils and a recipe for Chocolate Chip Banana bread.

When I get back I hope to share with you some of my new colouring books. I’m hoping to get Maria Trolle’s Botanicum and Hanna Karlzon’s Smyckeskrinet, as well as a few others Scandinavian colouring books. Just before I left I bought the most recent Australian release of Colouring Heaven Issue 33: Secret World of Animals Special. This features the work of Japanese artist Kanko Egusa. It’s so adorable and I can’t wait to get back to colour it.

So until I get back you won’t see anything about this trip. But I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts and I look forward to sharing this travel adventure when I return.

10 thoughts on “5# Life Update: Scandi Trip

  1. Welcome to Finland, dear Vanessa – its a beautiful country with a fantastic nature (thousands of lakes and large forests) – now it is also possible to see the midnight sun in the north of Finland.
    Have a good time

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    1. Thanks Didis. Are you from here or visited before? Today we are in Tampere. Unfortunately the weather is very rainy. We go east tmw through the Lakelands. We aren’t going any further north then Jyväskylä. We didn’t know about the midnight sun in the north. I only knew that we couldn’t see the northern lights at this time of year. But everyone is travelling for summer solstice here so hopefully we will see some of the festivities 😀


      1. yes, I live in Finland. You are just unlucky with the weather now as it has been very sunny and dry for many weeks here. Normally Finnish people celebrate at their summer cottages at the beach and make a fire there (Juhannes kokko). This will be this year on 23rd June.
        Have a great time in Finland, dear Vanessa 🙂

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      2. Where about do you live in Finland?
        I don’t mind the cooler weather much since I only packed for winter and have been very hot in Norway and Sweden lol Only thing is we will probably miss is the Ähtäri Zoo tmw. It’s to hard to do with rebellious 3 year old in the rain 😂

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      3. Good morning, dear Vanessa 🙂
        We live in South Finland, about 50 km from Helsinki and go to celebrate Juhannus somewhere to the middle/east of Finland with relatives and friends.

        Yes, I can imagine that a visit to the zoo in rain is not a good idea for a year’s old child. I hope you have enjoyed your trip in Scandinavia which has a really beautiful nature.

        For you and your family a lovely continuing journey.

        All the best, dear Vanessa

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