7# Colouring Update

Today I bring you another colouring update, after completing my challenge to colour in pages from my newer books. If you didn’t catch my last post, that was the first lost of completed pages and these are the rest. The majority of these books are from my colouring hauls, which I showed you in my colouring updates 4# and 5#. I am so happy that I got a chance to try these books and get excited about them again, after leaving them on my shelf for so long.

In this post I have coloured pages from Girls with Poem,   Mythomorphia,  Smyckeskrinet, Daydreams and Collage Art. I’m not sure when I will return to this books but I had really enjoyed each one of them so I hope to do a series more pictures in each one before doing a review and video flip through. All of these pictures will be in my Galleries, as well as much more.

Like I already mentioned, I just recently did another haul of colouring books (yes I know I have a problem). So I will show you guys those in my next post. I also intend on working in Colouring Heaven’s Fairytale Special, which I just got yesterday. So I will probably do a review and flip through of that one next before choosing my next book to focus on. Although I’m still mid semester I just handed in my assignment today, so I’m hoping do a lot more colouring now.


Girls with Poem

This picture is my favourite of the bunch and is from Korean artist, M.o.m.o girl’s, Girls with Poem. This book is just so stunning and is a work of art in itself. It was really hard to choose a picture in this beautiful, yet intimidating book.  I decide to do one I hadn’t seen anyone else colour before. I am so happy how she turned out. The hardest thing for this picture was choosing the colours but I think it came together nicely.

I only used Prismacolor Premier pencils. This paper is really lovely and thick but it is harder to cover the speckling without a firmer hand. So I used a white and paler shades to blend most of the picture. Since I didn’t want to loose the richness of the background, I used a Prismacolor colorless blender. Her skin did come out a little orange, when I tried to go back in and give her a tan and the grey is a little streaky but other then that I love her.




This next picture is from Filipino artist, Kerby Rosanes’s Mythomorphia: An Extreme Colouring and Search Challenge. Marco bought this book off my wishlist back for Christmas. So I’m happy I finally did at least one picture from this book. I do really love it, but again was a bit unsure what to choose. I decided this one would be the easiest, being that it was a single-sided page. It depicts the Greek mythological creature, Echidna. I modelled mine after this picture, but I’m not sure who the artist is.

I used Prismacolor pencils for the entire picture and also highlighted with some neon yellow and white gel pen. The paper was really lovely to colour on and is the same quality as Kerby’s other books. I really do want to get back into this book soon, as I really enjoy the art and the genre.




This page is from the first book by Swedish artist, Hanna Karlzon’s  and is the English edition of Dagdrömmar, Daydreams Coloring Book. This book is the only one in the bunch that I have already done a Book Review and Gallery with a series of completed pictures.  The reason I returned to this book was that I wanted to dedicate a picture to Katrine. If you are already a colourist you have probably heard of Katrine from her youtube channel, Always Coloring or her Instagram. If you aren’t already aware, I’m sorry to tell  you that she passed away in July this year. I didn’t know her personally but I often watched her videos and looked in on her Instagram. She was such a positive person in this community  and her passing is a big loss, especially to those who knew her well. So I wanted to do a picture from her favourite colouring book that she didn’t get to finish. I tried to use techniques and colours that she would have used.

I coloured this page with Derwent Inktense pencils and went over some of it with Prismacolor pencils and a white posca. To be completely honest I am not satisfied with this picture. I don’t often work with this colour palette that was Katrine’s signature style, and I know I definitely didn’t do her justice. So for that reason I would also like to dedicate the next picture from another one of Hanna Karlzon’s books for Katrine.




This picture is from Hanna Karlzon’s newest colouring book Smyckeskrinet. I have her Swedish edition, which I purchased in Stockholm, but there is also the English edition, Jewelry Box. As I mentioned above, I also dedicate this page to Katrine’s memory. She used a lot of pinks and purples in her work and was a big fan of Hanna Karlzon’s colouring books.

For this picture I used Prismacolor Premier pencils, white Posca pen for highlights and a black Faber-Castell Artist Pitt pen for the background. I mostly happy with this picture except for her skin. I actually started with her skin and then went back in again after doing the hair. Big mistake, since it made the her skin tone a bit streaky and muddy. The swans are probably my favourite part of this picture, which required many soft layers of grey and light blue violent. The jewels were quite bland, until I added the Posca pens, which really gave them more of a shine. I ‘m not great at doing jewels, so I think I need a bit more practice.



Collage Art

The last picture is the one I just finished this afternoon. It is from Collage Art Colouring Book by Marty Noble (Escapes series). I have great news for you, if you live in Australia. You can buy this book and Marty’s other books from Kmart of the Reject shop for only $5-6. These kinds of prices are very rare in Australia, as you would know if your Australian. When I first saw this book I wasn’t that excited about it. However, then I saw  Speedcoloring ‘Angel for St.Patrick’s day by one of my favourite colourist Alena on her Youtube channel. So I thought I would give it a chance. The reason I was a bit unsure about it was because the paper is unlike any of my other books. It is thicker version of the kind of paper you find in those old kids colouring books. However, as you can see I got pretty good results, so don’t be afraid like I was to give Marty’s books a chance.

For this page I again used Prismacolor Premier pencils. They blended quite well on this paper and I was able to blend multiple layers without ruining the tooth of the paper. The paper is creamy and doesn’t really leave white speckling if you don’t layer enough. I started with the background first on this one, which I normally don’t do and I was not happy with it. But after added the rest of the features it doesn’t look too bad. Another reason I love this book is that completing a page didn’t take as long as other books normally would have. So expect to see a book review in the future.




I hope you enjoyed this colouring update. Stay tuned for another update with my new books and another colouring book review.

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    1. Thanks so much! I can’t say what is my favourite because its always changing. I am always very intimidated colouring in real looking people and animals but I am usually the most happy with the results then when I do inanimate objects. I probably prefer more realistic drawing because its easier to know what colours to use. When its something more abstract I probably take the longerest deciding the colours. Have you ever tried colouring or any other artistic hobbies?


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