Book Review: Colouring Heaven Fairytale Special

This months Colouring Heaven magazine released in Australia is the Fairytales Special (Issue 36). I was pretty excited about months issue, since it features the artwork of Hannah Lynn. I don’t have any of Hannah colouring books, but I have seen the beautiful coloured works by other colourist. I was considering ordering one of her most recent colouring books, Fairy Tale Princesses & Storybook Darlings Coloring. However, when I saw some of the artwork was going to be featured in this Colouring Heaven I was pretty happy to get a chance to try out her style. This edition actually came out a little later then usual, so after about three visits to BigW I finally got my copy.

Before I show you my completed work I will tell you a bit about the featuring artist, Hannah Lynn. Also if you haven’t heard about Colouring Heaven Magazine see my previous post for more information. Hannah Lynn is a self-taught artist based in Idaho Falls, in Idaho, USA. She was an avid colourist growing up and didn’t train to be an artist. However, her passion for art lead her to make her own artwork, as well as self-publishing and illustrating her own all ages colouring books since 2006.

Hannah has published about ten colouring books to date. They all have her signature style of sweet and whimsical big eyed girls with elaborate hair and costumes. Although they are quite 2D it doesn’t take much to bring these beautiful images alive, not matter your skill level. Most of the colouring  books follow different themes so they are quite unique, but there not deny who the artist is when you see any image from her books. These  books can also be purchased as PDF. Hannah also often gives away free sample PDF from her books. In fact if  you sign up to the Hannah Lynn Vip Lounge Subscription, you get a free exclusive colouring page and a few other treats.

The Fairytale Special issue, it features the 40 pages of line art, on single sided paper. All of the work has been taken from Hannah’s previous books, except for one. This exclusive page is the second page of Beauty and the Beast. The majority seem to be from the Fairy Tale Princesses & Storybook Darlings Coloring Book However, there are a couple from Mermaids, Fairies & Other Girls of Whimsy Coloring Book and Sweet & Simple Whimsy Girls: Mermaids and More Coloring Book. As with most Colouring Heaven magazine the images are named on the corresponding page, by character or theme. Something that is a advantage of purchasing her work in this magazine edition is the paper quality. I have seen from other reviews that the paper quality in Hannah’s book is Amazon Createspace paper. This is ideal for markers but not so great for pencils and not advisable for watercolour. However, if  you can’t get a hold of this magazine, but you would still love to colour her work the paper quality bothers you, you can still purchase the PDF copies of the book and print it out yourself.

For this issue I coloured three pictures and using a few different coloured pencil brands. I also made a video flip through, which is up on my Youtube channel. You can also see more Colouring Heaven Magazine book reviews and completed pictures on my Colouring Book Reviews  and Colouring Galleries pages. As well as any new pages completed from this issue on my Colouring Heaven Fairytale Special gallery. I really did love colouring Hannah’s work, so hopefully I will be able to do a few more from this book in the near future.



The first page I coloured was Hansel and Gretal. This is the only picture that really features a boy, other then the Beast. I just loved how sweet yet creepy they looked and I couldn’t wait to bring the scene to life. I used both Faber-Castell Polychromos and Derwent Artist pencils. I chose these brands because they blend really well together and they allow me to work a lot faster then with Prismacolor on this paper. As I’ve mentioned before, this paper does require a few layers to get ride of the white speckling and Polychromos doesn’t need so many to cover. For some areas I did use a white Prismacolor pencil and Derwent Burnisher. I also used a white Posca pen to hide some of the black lines, that really varied in width. Overall I am pretty happy with this picture. I did have a little bit of trouble with the sky and some of the pencil did come out a little scratch. However, over all it came out as colourful as I intended.



This next one is Alice in Wonderland and is a compilation of the larger images put into a one page with some embellishments. I preferred to do these smaller images, because of the amount of black and thick lines in the larger full size images, that proceed this picture. I also liked the idea of seeing all the characters together and displayed like a pack of cards. To work quickly, I used Faber-Castell Polchromos and Derwent Artist pencils again. I also blended with a white Prismacolor pencil, used a Black Tombow brush pen for the background and white Posca for highlights. I tried to give each girl a slightly different skin tone and different background style so they would all stand on their own despite their similar features. This one was pretty fun and I didn’t take it too seriously.



The last page I choose was Snow White, since Octavia and I had recently read the book and watched the movie together. I wanted to spend a bit more time on this one so I used Prismacolor Premier pencils and took time layering them for a smother finish. These pencils are much better at cover the black lines. I also used alot of black and darker tones to shade, sot hat the black lines wouldn’t be so promient. I did use a  white gel pen for some of the highlights. I’m really happy how this one turned out. It took me ages to colour and perhaps longer to decide on some of the colours, but worth the time.



If you would like to purchase this Issue while stocks or future issues of Colouring Heaven magazine you can find them:


You can purchase Hannah Lynn’s colouring books, PDF colouring pages and artwork from:

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