Overnight ship: Stockholm to Helsinki

After our lovely last morning in Stockholm, it was time to make our way to Finland for the last leg of our trip. So we found the most economical way to travel was by sea. This trip was very last minute so the flights were very expensive to Helsinki. Marco was also really excited to take his first overnight ship. It was also less stressful then flying because we didn’t have to go through customs and Octavia didn’t have to be constrained with a seat belt. We just took a 20 minute cab ride to the Värtahamnen port from Södermalm and boarded the boat.

We did looked at a few different travelling ship company before deciding on the Tallink Silja Line. We found this one within our budget and had good facilities on the ship. We took the luxurious cruise line, Silja Symphony, which deparates daily between Stockholm and Helsinki. We booked the B Class cabin, which wasn’t the pretty cabin, but we only used it for sleep. I would of prefered a window, but it was only one morning on this entire trip that I had wake up in complete darkness. They do offer quite nice rooms though if you prefer to wake up with the sunlight and want more room to walk around. This cabin it cost 204 Euro, which was a bargin compared to the flight prices at this time.

So the first thing we did was go up to the Sun deck. It was nice and breezy up here, but wasn’t exactly luxurious, as the tables were pretty dirty. We did order a couple of drinks and let Octavia play a bit. She got to meet the Harry the seal and there were some active toys to play with.

Next I wanted to check out all the shopping on the Prominade that we originally walked through (deck 7). There wasn’t that many stores, but they had everything you could need and plenty of souvieurs. Just below there is a large tax free superstore (deck 6), that was more like an airport store. We came across these crazy plant people who were striking poses and O got some photos with them. Back up on the prominade there was a clown, who was pretty entertaining as well.

We didn’t end up getting any snack before dinner. We were actually booked in for the grandbuffet for dinner and breakfast. This cost 38.50 Euro each for dinner and 23 Euro each for breakfast. Octavia was free since she was under 5 years. When booking we thought this would be better since the restaurants would be quite expensive to purchase three meals. However, the website didn’t have menus for the cheaper food stores and cafes. We didn’t even know their would be other options. So if you prefer to save a little and avoid the crowds you can always visit them instead. I just don’t know if you can book into the buffet if you change your mind on the day.

Next we explored the Silja Land on deck 5. This is only for kids and their parents. Octavia had so much fun down here. It gave us a chance to relax and chat.

By this stage the ship had started moving so these are some of the views from the window.

Later on we made our way to the Grand Buffet for a 7:30 dinner. It was not where near as calm as these photos seem. It was craziness when we first arrived. It was as if the passengers had never seen food before. We even noticed quite a few passenger were removed from their tables, after sitting on the wrong ones, possibly get a table sooner then their booking.

There was so much food. Hot, cold, ethnic, savoury and sweet. I tried many of the Scandiavian foods and found that I really love herring. There was a dedicated kids buffet that had fried foods and meatballs I tried to steer O away from that but it didn’t talk long for her to notice it too. The deserts were also nice and petit. We returned the next morning for breakfast, but I wasn’t as impressed with the spread.

After breakfast we packed our suitcases and stood out on the balcony to enjoy the views as we entered into the port of Helsinki. This is actually the perfect spot if you want to make a quick exit on arrival.

So I wasn’t that excited to travel by ship, since it took alot more time then flying. However, it an experience and I think it was alot more fun if you travelling with a child. It ended up being a lot cheaper then flying and the accomodation was also included. So I can recommend this mode of travel and I hope this post was helpful if you are considering ship. We now have 10 more days go in Finland and a day trip in Tallin, Estonia.

12 thoughts on “Overnight ship: Stockholm to Helsinki

  1. Good morning dear, oh my god, your pictures, never seen such a beautiful place especially the man cover with green very attractive tours point . Children loved it. Thank you so much it with us here,
    Best regards, sks

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    1. Hi Sks, thanks for stopping by. I hope life is treating you well. Yes it was much better then I had imagined. Alot of interesting things to see, but just enough to keep you occupied for the short overnight trip. xo

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      1. Good afternoon dear , i am glad to hear from you today, your pictures were wonderful,it made me feel so happy , many interesting things to see in your pictures, it was just fabulous , i thankful to you sharing your overnight trip’s pictures with us.
        Have a nice day to you all !!!
        Best regards, sks


  2. Great photos, dear Vanessa – I also went by boat between Helsinki and Stockholm many times. It has always been relaxing and we had fun too.

    We hope to go via Sweden and Danmark to middle Europe next summer.
    Thanks for sharing, my friend

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    1. Thanks so much Didi. I hope life is keeping you well. Yes boat is a lovely way to travel. If we had more time I would have liked to visit the Finnish archipelago as well. I hope you enjoy your trip! I haven’t been to Denmark. I was hoping to visit in the next couple of years because some friends were going to move there but they have reconsidered but I will have to make a special trip there anyway. It looks like an amazing place to visit. xo

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    1. Hi Sartenada, no this was only our first stop and we have 10 days in Finland. We spent two days in Helsinki, one in Tallin (Estonia) and then we do a round trip visiting Turku, Tampere, Jyvaskla, Kuopio, Savonlinna and Porvoo. Are you native to Finland?

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  3. Wow, that’s one heck of a boat! I imagine something small but this is incredible. To even have such an awesome play area so Octavia could enjoy the ball pit and activities is fantastic. And for it to be a more pleasurable, easier and better value method of transport than flying, even though it takes longer, is quite eye-opening. You’ve got some fab photos too =]
    I hope the rest of the stay in Finland is wonderful!
    Caz xxxx

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    1. Hi Caz thanks for stopping by. Yes its was pretty good. I really didn’t like the idea of being stuck on a boat all night, but there was plenty to explore to pass the time. The play area was fantantasic and I really wasn’t expecting that. It was definetely way less stressful then flying. We did another boat trip to Tallin, which I will bring out soon. That ones wasn’t as good because it was only a couple of hours but still much more interesting then being on a little seat on a plane. Thanks, yes we loved it. I definetely would like to go back again at different time of year to see the Northern Lights and Santa’s home. Hope your having a fantastic week! xo

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  4. Hello Vanessa. Thank You replying. Yes, I am and I know my country from the north to the south and from the east to west. I am glad that You visited so many places in Finland. In summer Finland offers mid-night cruises for example. Gorgeous unique castles. Helsinki offers Samba festivals for example. If You read my:

    About me,

    Then You know huge amount of my country and about its hidden gems.

    Happy and safe travels!


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