Nordic Trip

It’s taken me all year, but I have finally finish writing about my fastastic Nordic Adventure. This spontaneous three week vacation, covered varies places in Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Finland. We explored large city metropolises, small coastal and inland towns, as well as parks, museums and natural reserves. We only scatched the surface of what the Nordic nations have to offer, but I hope it inspires you to visit this part of the world.

Below I have included links to all the posts in this travel series, incase you missed some. If you have any questions feel free to leave a message below and I would be happy to help as best as I can.


Norwegian Road Trip




Finnish Road trip

7 thoughts on “Nordic Trip

  1. Dear Vanessa,

    Thanks for sharing all your great memories and photos taken on this brilliant tour.
    I used to stay in Norway too when I was young and explored this country from south to north. I have spent a fantastic time there as well. Once I have visited Svalbard, it is an island group about 1000 km northwards from north-cap – there, you still can find untouched nature, besides peace and calm for the soul. This place I also recommend when you ever would like to make another trip to Scandinavia.

    The best country I have ever seen is Iceland – with such a beautiful nature that changes it dress every few minutes when driving around this country. However, it is quite expensive there.

    All the best to you and your family, dear friend

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    1. Thanks Didi, sorry about the late reply I have been unwell. I am happy you enjoyed my trip. I have never heard of Svalbard. I didn’t even know there was life up there. Yes I am going to have to Svalbard and Iceland to my travel list! After experiencing the Norwegian dollar I think I’m prepared for anything lol Luckily there is so much free natural beauty in this part of the world. I wish you the best for youself and your family too xo

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      1. Thank you, dear Vanessa 🙂
        I myself am on a holiday tour right now: Sweden, Danmark, Germany and Austria – I will be back by the middle of September.
        Until then all the best, dear friend and enjoy life wth your family

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      2. Thank you, dear Vanessa 🙂
        Yes, I really enjoyed the trip and we also had almost all days sunny days. We visited friends and relatives as well, sometimes it was a bit to busy, but we managed very well. The mountains of Austria are really impressive too.
        All the best, my friend and a great time to you

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