My Christmas list and traditions

I’m a bit late posting my Christmas list and traditions this year. I’ve just been so busy with wrapping up kindy, ballet, pregnancy appointments and Christmas shopping. I am finished most of my Christmas shopping and organising my partners birthday. If he isn’t hard enough to buy for already, he needs double the surprises within one week from each other. So Christmas day organisation is not something I have had to a chance to think much about yet. All I know is that its going to be a quiet one this year, since most of my family is in Europe for a white Christmas. Feeling so jealous in this +35 degree heat.

My Christmas list

As usually, most of my Christmas list will be fulfilled by myself and hopefully a couple of things from Marco. To be honest, being my own Santa has been the best thing I’ve been doing the past few years. I never disappoint myself and its an excuse to buy things I have been wanting all year (or just discovered I wanted) while its on sale. I also love wandering around the shops, passing Christmas decorating and listening to the festive music. This year I have had to limit my shopping to 2 hours at a time, as I have been struggling to walk any longer without being utterly exhausted. However, these short trips have been a good excuse to get some walking in most days.

So the images below are some of the items I have already got squirrel away and others I still want. I didn’t want too many colouring books this year. I have so many that I can’t get through, which I haven’t even started. I did want a lot of new cooking books though. I have discovered a few new recipe books that came out this year and Christmas is the best excuse to get them. I am hoping the ones I have ordered will arrive on time.

Christmas Traditions

Last year I wrote a whole post on my Family Christmas Traditions. I intended adding on carrying on these traditions every year following and adding at least one new tradition every year. Well, so far we are keeping to all of our traditions, well except for the Family Christmas outfits. That was fun the first year when I sowed a Christmas themed material cut out to all our clothes. The second and third year I just got O a Christmas themed top to wear for her Santa photo and Christmas day. However, I have retired this tradition for this year. I didn’t see the value in getting a Christmas outfit, but I might revisit this when the next baby comes along next Christmas.

  • Extra special Christmas lunch (lots of fancy food)
  • Decorate the Christmas tree and house together
  • Family Christmas outfits
  • Christmas Eve Pyjamas present (to wear that evening)
  • Christmas lights drive
  • Family Santa Photo

I started three new traditions this year. Well, leaving the snack for Santa, is something we did last year, but this year I bought a special plate dedicated for Santa’s snacks from Myer. I also bought an Advent Calender made of material to hang near our tree. Every day I move the attached candy cane to count down the days until Christmas and on some days there is a little note with a Christmas surprise. These surprises include Christmas activity books, special outings, treats and other items I want to give O before Christmas. This has been very exciting for her, because she never knows if she is going to get a surprise or not and its a better alternative to a chocolate advent calendar. The last tradition is visiting Christmas markets and events. In past years, I wasn’t able to get out so much in the evenings, but this year we have made an extra effort to do some of these community activities. There are just so many events on in Brisbane at the moment, so its a great way to get out of the house and have a short family outing. If you live in Brisbane check out these Free Christmas Events, or look them up for your city.

Whats on your Christmas List

Have you got any interesting Christmas Traditions

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