Guide to DisneySea

Guide to DisneySea

DisneySea is one of two Disney theme parks in Tokyo, Japan. It is unique for being the only nautical exploration themed park in the world and has unique lands that haven’t been replicated elsewhere. It’s seven lands, include the Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, Port Discovery, Lost River Delta, Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon and Arabian Coast. Unlike other Disney theme parks, it doesn’t have a castle in the center. Instead, it has Mt Prometheus, an active volcano, surrounded by a moat of water.

Some tips to make the most of your day:

  • Do your research before you go, there are many great blogs with advice
  • Book your tickets in advance and arrive at the park at least 45mins early
  • Expect there to be lines for everything
  • Get your Fastpass to reduce wait times of rides
  • Enter the Big Band Lottery
  • Don’t expect rides or performances to always have English translation
  • Book restaurants if you want a break from the crowds and to save time
  • Try the unique Disney themed snacks and desserts
  • Stay for the evening show
  • Allocate at least 2-3 days for DisneySea
  • For more quality info to plan see Tokyo Disneyland 2017 Trip Planning Guide



Key Information

Address: 1-13 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031, Japan

Opening Times: Monday to Sunday 8:30 am to 10 pm

Press Map for larger view or open PDF

Disneysea map.jpg




🙂 All Heights and Ages, ⭐ FastPass+,  🐻 Single Rider

Must do

Fortress Explorations (Walk-Through Exhibit · Mediterranean Harbor) 🙂

  • Explore the fortress and galleon and the sailing ship Renaissance, home of the “Society of Explorers and Adventurers”
  • Explore the Pendulum Tower, Illusion Room, Explorers’ Hall, Navigation Centre, Camera Obscura, Sundial Deck, Chamber of Planets, Flying Machine, Alchemy Laboratory, Cannons
  • Great views of the park
  • Play area for children
  • Houses Magellan’s Restaurant

Journey to the Center of the Earth (Track Ride, Mysterious Island) ⭐

  • Board a unique subterranean vehicle,  to explore a newly unearthed world discovered by Captain Nemo (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1954)
  • Using light, sound, heat, and motion to create a multi-sensory experience
  • Must be 46 inches/117cm to ride
  • Duration of 3 minutes

Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage (Boat Ride, Arabian Coast) 🙂

  • Enjoy a gentle musical boat ride through Sindbad’s epic voyage, from his home port to Mermaid Rocks, to Rukh Island, the Cave of the Giant, Palace of the Sultan, Land of the Monkeys, Whale Straits and back home.
  • Duration 10 minutes

Indiana Jones – Temple of the Crystal Skull (Motion Base Ride, Lost River Delta) ⭐ 🐻

  • Take a temple tour with Paco (friend of Indiana Jones) and encounter the temple’s vengeful guardian spirit, the Crystal Skull
  • Must be 46 inches/117cm to ride
  • Duration 3 minutes

Tower Of Terror (Drop Tower, American Waterfront) ⭐

  • Take a tour of New York 1912 hotel known as the “Tower of Terror,” after the mysterious disappearance of its owner in 1899.
  • Be hurtle up and down in the haunted elevator ride
  • Must be 40 inches to ride
  • Duration of 2 minutes (elevator)

Toy Story Midway Mania (Shooter Ride, American Waterfront) ⭐

  • Ride and blast moving targets at this midway-style, 4D shootin’ game starring your favourite Toy Story characters.
  • Duration of 5 minutes

King Triton’s Concert (Live Musical Show, Mermaid Lagoon) 🙂

  • A musical  featuring popular songs Disney’s The Little Mermaid
  • Housed in Mermaid Lagoon Theater
  • Duration of 14 minutes

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Track Ride, Mysterious Island) 🙂 ⭐

  • Board one of Captain Nemo’s submarine, in his undersea search for Atlantis
  • Each two-person benches (3 rows) has its own window.
  • You can use your joystick, to control the light to illuminate some of the mysteries
  • Duration of 5 minutes

Fantasmic! (Outdoor Show, Mediterranean Harbor) 🙂

  • The show is situated in the middle of the Harbor with multiple viewing points
  • Features Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, who creates a fantastic world of Disney through his powers of imagination
  • Includes special effects using gigantic water screens, lasers, lights, and fire
  • Features popular Disney characters on the huge water screens and a gigantic dragon Maleficent
  • Duration of 20 minutes

Also Recommended

The Magic Lamp Theater (Movie, Arabian Coast) ⭐ 🙂

  • Great magician Shaban does his first solo performance without his partner, the popular Genie, who will help him get revenge against a bad sorcerer.
  • Blend of live actors and a 3D movie

Aquatopia (Boat ride, Port Discovery) 🙂

  • Take futuristic three-person watercraft travels around the experimental pool
  • Spin around and twirl off in unpredictable directions
  • Must be able to sit without assistance, no height restrictions

Turtle Talk (Live show, American Waterfront) 🙂

  • Located in the Undersea Observatory inside the S.S. Columbia
  • Q-and-A session with Crush from Finding Nemo
  • Duration of 10 minutes

Caravan Carousel (Carousel, Arabian Coast 🙂

  • Ride an elegant two storied carousel, featuring exotic beast and Genie
  • Housed in the palatial courtyard, with exotic music playing
  • Duration 2.5 minutes

Raging Spirits (Roller coaster · Lost River Delta) ⭐ 🐻

  • Board this high-speed roller coaster and race through the excavated ruins of an ancient ceremonial site, includes 360-degree loop
  • Duration of 1.5 minutes
  • Must be 46 inches/117cm to ride

Scuttle’s Scooters (Spinner, Mermaid Lagoon) 🙂

  • Board a hermit crab (seats 2) and spin around Scuttle
  • Must be able to sit without assistance
  • Duration of 1.5 minutes

Big Band Beat (Live Musical Show, American Waterfront) ⭐ 🙂

  • Held in the Broadway Music Theater
  • Performance of talented musicians, performers, and Disney friends
  • Duration of 30 minutes
  • The first performance will not require a reserved seat ticket and there will be no lottery.
  • From the second performance onwards, non-reserved seating will be available in the balcony, and the orchestra level will be for reserved seating only. Reserved seat tickets are available by lottery.
  • Lottery is located at Biglietteria
  • On certain dates, free reserved tickets are only distributed by lottery


Time Permitting

Out of the Shadow Land (Live Musical Show, Lost River Delta) 🙂

  • Story follows Mei, lost in world of shadows who develops self-confidence to escape
  • Held in the Hangar Stage
  • Features a video and a live performance
  • Duration of 25 minutes

Venetian Gondolas (Boat ride, Mediterranean Harbor) 🙂

  • Cheerful gondoliers will show you around Palazzo Canal (recreation of the Venetian canal network) in the Mediterranean Harbor.
  • Boat carries 16 persons
  • Duration about 12 minutes this roughly

DisneySea Electric Railway (Railroad · American Waterfront) 🙂

  • Ride above the park, between American Waterfront and Port Discovery.
  • Duration 2.5 minutes

Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster (Roller coaster, Mermaid Lagoon)

  • Board a flying fish in The Little Mermaid themed ride
  • Must be 35inches/90cm to ride

Big City Vehicles (Track ride · American Waterfront) 🙂

  • Take a ride in popular vehicles from the early 20th century, along the waterfront
  • There are many models to choose from, including the open-top town car, the police wagon, the delivery truck, and more (carrying 8-9 people each)
  • Duration of 10 minutes

Jasmine’s Flying Carpets (Spinner, Arabian Coast) 🙂

  • Ride magic carpet in this Aladdin themed ride over Jasmin’s garden
  • You can control  your “carpet” go up and down or tilt it forward and backward
  • Duration 1.5 minutes

Jumpin’ Jellyfish (Drop ride, Mermaid Lagoon) 🙂

  • Board a jellyfish (2 seats) and float up and down through the water.
  • Must be able to sit without assistance
  • Duration of 1 minute

The Whirlpool (Spinner, Mermaid Lagoon) 🙂

  • Board a kelp cup and be spun around by the whirlpool
  • Duration of 1.5 minutes

DisneySea Transit Steamer Line (Boat ride, Mediterranean Harbor) 🙂

  • The steamer line will take you from the dock nearest to the entrance of the Park to the farthest port of Lost River Delta
  • Stops include Mediterranean Harbor, Lost River Delta and American Waterfront.
  • Offers outstanding views of the park
  • Duration of 7 minutes


Not Recommended

Blowfish Balloon Race (Spinner, Mermaid Lagoon) 🙂

  • Board a shell carried by a blowfish and spin around under the sea
  • Duration of 1.5 minutes

Coming Soon

Nemo and Friends SeaRider (Motion Base Show, Port Discovery) ⭐

  • Opens May 12, 2017
  • Board a SeaRider that shrinks to fish size and explore marine life
  • Nemo, Dory and other characters from Finding Dory are featured
  • Duration of 5 minutes
  • Must be over 90 cm (Not for children under 3)

Soarin’ (Movie, Mediterranean Harbor)



Ariel’s Playground (Indoor, Mermaid Lagoon) 🙂

  • Explore Ariel’s favorite hideaway cave
  • Climb through fishnets and explore treasures and games
  • Cast members hand out exploration maps
  • Features characters from The Little Mermaid


Character Experiences

Mickey and Friends

Duffy and ShellieMay, the Disney Bears

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Characters from Aladdin 

Stitch and Angel from Leroy & Stitch

Other Characters Surprise Meets

  • American Waterfront- Marie (Aristocats), Thumper and Miss Bunny (Bambi), Pocahontas and Meeko (Pocahontas), Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians), Bernard and Bianca (Rescue Rangers), Chip, Dale and Clarice (Chip ‘n Dale); Scrooge McDuck, Max Goof, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Donald
  • Lost River Delta – Chip and Dale, Indiana Jones, Max Goof, José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles (The Three Caballeros)
  • Mediterranean Harbor – Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, Goofy and Pluto; Chip, Dale, and Clarice; Geppetto, Gideon, John Worthington and Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio); Marie (Aristocats)
  • Mermaid Lagoon – Daisy, Donald, Goofy and Pluto; Prince Eric and Max (The Little Mermaid)
  • Port Discovery – Goofy and Max Goof, Chip and Dale, Mr. and Mrs. Incredible (The Incredibles)



(no English menu or individual restaurant pages available on website)


Highly Recommended

Magellan’s (Table service, Mediterranean Harbor)

  • Fine dining Western menu
  • Housed in Fortress Explorations Citadel,  styled after the Age of Exploration
  •  Multi-course and fixed-price menu sets  available
  • Main courses include Miyazaki Beef Filet with Red Wine Sauce, Red Wine-Braised Beef Cheek, Sauteed and Fried-Wrapped Lobster with Fresh Tomato Sauce, Roasted Breast of Duck with Orange Sauce, and a daily Fresh Fish dish.
  • Daytime costs  2,000 – 5,000 yen and Nighttime costs from 5,000 yen

Ristorante di Canaletto (Table service · Mediterranean Harbor)

  • Italian restaurant with outdoor patio seating overlooking the Venetian waterway canal and gondolas
  • Menu includes Antipasti, Soups, Pastas and Pizzas and main dishes
  • Pastas include  tagliatelle with pancetta-porcini cream sauce, Linguine with beef ragu, Vegetarian spaghettini with Caponata sauce, Spaghettini pescatore
  • Pizza’s are wood-fired, thin crust, includes seafood, italian sausage, margherita
  • Daytime/Nighttime costs 2,000 – 5,000 yen

S.S. Columbia Dining Room (Table service, American Waterfront)

  • Fine dining restaurant, housed on the upper deck of the S.S Columbia ocean liner
  • Service, presentation and quality of food is one of best in Disney parks
  • Mains include Grilled Koshi-no-Tori Chicken, Baked Lobster Tail, Roast Beef
  • Daytime cost 2,000 – 5,000 yen, Nighttime cost from 5,000 yen


Vucania Restaurant (Counter service, Mysterious Island)
  • buffeteria-style restaurant serving Chinese food
  • Styled as converted mess hall that serves Captain Nemo’s hardworking crew
  • there is indoor and open air seating area that overlooks onto Mysterious Island
Zambini Brothers Ristorante (Counter service, Mediterranean Harbor)
  • Large Italian restaurant, serving pizza and pasta
  • Styled like a rustic old winery
  • two-level seating area and outdoor seating
Horizon Bay Restaurant (Character Meal, Buffet, Port Discovery)
  • Buffeteria-style restaurant, styled futuristic and a bit sterile
  • Serves western dishes with a Japanese twist
  • Also serves special Disney character desserts (extra cost)

Casbah Food Court (Counter service, Arabian Coast)

  • Large quick service restaurant styled as a Bazaar
  • Serves beef, chicken and shrimp curry (individually or as a trio) with rice and naan.
  • Also serves green salad, steamed chicken salad, and tandoori chicken

Time Permitting

The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge (Table service, American Waterfront)

  • Bar on the housed on the S.S Columbia ocean liner
  • Old-world style with polished wooden walls, ceiling, and flooring, leather couches, large wooden bar with carved bears, fireplace and painting of Teddy
  • Serves drinks, hors d’oeuvres and light sandwiches

Restaurant Sakura  (American Waterfront)

  • Serves traditional and fusion Japanese cuisine, including steak and soup
  • Styles as harbour-side warehouse

Cape Cod Cook-Off (Counter service, Character meal, American Waterfront)

  • Most popular restaurant at DisneySea, but food not fantastic
  • Styled as New England municipal hall and boat house
  • My Friend Duffy show is performed in one of dining areas in two-part show
  • See Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni, Mickey, Minnie
  • Serves hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fried chicken sandwiches, fried cod sandwiches, New England clam chowder, chicken nuggets, french fries and chocolate cake.

Sailing Day Buffet (Buffet, American Waterfront)

  • Buffeteria-style restaurant styled as dockside warehouse for the United States Steamship Company 1848
  • Serves international dishes including seafood, carved meat, dim sum, curry
  • Daytime/Nighttime costs 2,000 – 5,000 yen

New York Deli (Counter service, American Waterfront)

  • Brick building styled like an old deli, dining rooms styled as converted shops
  • Serves sandwiches, bagels, salads and desserts
  • Cost 1000 yen or less

Nautilus Galley (Counter service, Mysterious Island)

  • Takeaway cafe located down on the surface of the lagoon
  • Serves turkey legs, pork gyoza, coffee and beer
  • Cost 1000 yen or less

Refreshment Station (Counter service, Mysterious Island)

  • Takeaway futuristic food cart selling Gyoza Sausage Buns
  • Cost 1000 yen or less

Sultan’s Oasis (Counter service, Arabian Coast)

  • Snack stop styled as Arabian palace grounds
  • Serves Chandu tail (tiger tail shaped steamed chicken cream bun), Sultan’s tropical sundae, maple cream balls and specialty drinks

Open Sesame (Counter service, Arabian Coast)

  • Takeaway food stall, serving churros and soft drinks
  • Cost 1000 yen or less

Cafe Portofino (Cafeteria, Mediterranean Harbor)

  • Rustic seaside Italian buffeteria,
  • Course or set meals, pasta, roasted chicken, seafood rice casserole, salads
  • Daytime/Nighttime costs 1000 – 2,000 yen

Magellan’s Lounge (Counter service,  Mediterranean Harbor)

  • Bar on the second floor of Magellan’s Restaurant
  • Serves appetisers, desserts, cocktails and other drinks
  • Daytime/Nighttime costs 1000 – 2,000 yen

Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery (Counter service, Mediterranean Harbor)

  • Small bakery serving baked goods, sandwiches, coffee
  • Limited seating
  • Cost 1000 yen or less

Yucatan Base Camp Grill (Counter service, Lost River Delta)

  • Mexican quick service restaurant styled as base camp for archeologists
  • Serves smoked chicken, pork or salmon with Mexican rice and vegetables, salads and soup
  • Daytime/Nighttime costs 1000 – 2,000 Yen

Lost River Cookhouse (Counter service, Lost River Delta)

  • Takeaway snack stand serving smoked chicken legs and drinks
  • Cost 1000 yen or less

Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina (Counter service, Lost River Delta)

  • Mexican restaurant, styled as weathered cantina in the  jungle
  • Serves varieties of tacos, includes french fries and Tortilla sandwiches
  • Cost 1000 yen or less

Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen (Counter service, Mermaid Lagoon)

  • Themed of The Little Mermaid, and set under the sea
  • Serves pizza, sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts
  • Cost 1000 yen or less


FastPass & Single Rider

Fastpass allows you to minimize your waiting time for queues to certain attractions. It allows you a specific time to enter an attraction. To obtain a FASTPASS ticket, you must go to the FASTPASS ticketing machines (near the entrance of the FASTPASS attraction) and hold your Passport ticket under the reader. When the time allocated on ticket nears return to attraction with FASTPASS ticket and visit the attraction minimal wait.

Take advantage of skipping the line by going to Fastpass queue and telling them you’re a Single rider. This can only be used at Attractions that accept Single riders.

Fastpass Attractions:

  • Tower of Terror
  • Toy Story Mania
  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
  • Raging Spirits
  • Magical Lamp Theatre
  • Mermaid Lagoon Theatre
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth

Single Rider Attractions:

  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
  • Raging Spirits



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