Sentosa Island: beach and attractions

After a fun day at Universal Studios, we spent day 8 of our Singapore trip on Sentosa Island again. On this day we had some fun at the beach and did a few of the other attractions available on the island.


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Sentosa Island: Universal Studios in pictures

I have a new dream people. My dream is not only visit all the Disney parks in the world, but also to visit all the Universal Studios parks. The Singaporean park is the first Universal Studios that I have visited so far and I really enjoyed it. This park was not as perfectly set out as the Disney parks I’ve visited but it still had plenty of nostalgia for many of my favourite movies and characters. Before visiting the park I made my own Guide to Singapore Universal Studios, so check out it if you intend on visiting.

What I loved about the Singapore Universal Studios is that its easy to get to, you can do it in a day, the lines weren’t crazy during the week and great themed areas and rides, lots rides for kids and express tickets. What could have been better isĀ an evening show or parade (no available most of the week), better merchandise, more rides, character/movie themed food outlets and restaurants. I guess I may be expecting a bit much but I did leave the park little merchandise and don’t feel compelled to return to this park now I’ve experienced. However, I really appreciated that this park had so rides that my toddler could do and height charts out the front of the entrance gave us a good indications of what we could expect that she could visit. When we did the visited Florida last year, we decided against visiting the Universal Studios because there was little for her do it at those parks.

Another reason why this visit was so wonderful is that we were chosen as the First Family! Every day a family is chosen to open the park. We were chosen at the gates after Marco asked the nice attendant a question. We were taken in to a special room and were explained what we were meant to do to open the park. We were treated to free bottled water and 10 free Universal Express passes. We were actually going to buy some of those, so this was a big saving for us. Once we got out the park attendants introduced us, then Marco had to say ‘we are the [Surname] Family, Lights Camera Action’ and I click the directors clapperboard. Then we got a photo with Puss in Boots’, which we received for free later that day. Funny thing was is that Marco stumbled on his last name, since he pronounces different in English normally and I had already taught the announcers how to say it properly. He also held our family name upside down when we got our free photo. The whole thing was hilarious and is now immortalised in our photo.

During our visit we were able to do just about all the rides. I don’t do roller coasters, since I can’t somersault backwards, it just feels wrong. My favourite rides were Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey, Enchanted Airways and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. Octavia’s favourites were the Magic Potion Spin and King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round. For lunch we had burgers and fries at 50’s diner, Mel’s Dinettes (Hollywood), which wasn’t too bad. We also bought the Cookie Monsters Chocolate Chip Cookies from Me Want Cookies stand (New York), which tasted as yummy as I imagined.

So here are my photos from my day at Singapore Universal Studios at Sentosa Island on day 7 of our Singapore Trip. For more in-depth info on the park see my Guide to Singapore Universal Studios.


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Sentosa Island

On our Singapore Trip we spent day 7 and 8 at Sentosa Island. We moved hotel to the Harbourfront, adjacent to Vivo City, so we would be in walking distance of the Island. This was my second time visiting Sentosa. On my last trip we only spend a few hours at this beach. However this visit we had two days to make the most of the attractions on offer. We really enjoyed Sentosa and I could imagine if money was no object we could easily spend a couple of weeks there soaking up the sun and all the entertainment.

Sentosa is entertainment island is located south of Singapore. It houses a 2km shoreline, 14 hotels, 2 golf courses, and a variety of attractions. The name Sentosa means ‘peace and tranquility’ in Malay, which it totally fits. However, it was previously went by another name in Malay, which meant ‘Island of death behind’. There are many different theories to where this name came from and all don’t sound to nice. During WW2 it was a British military fortress and after it was training base for locally enlisted men to learn basic training and later the naval training base. We actually met a Singaporean man who told us he trained here for the army when he was a young man. This really surprised us since we hadn’t come across the military sites on the island.

To get onto the Island there are a few different ways. You can take a take the monorail from Vivo City, walk across the pedestrian bridge from the main land, a Cable Car from Mount Faber or take a bus from Orchard Road or Tiong Bahru. Within the Island you can also take the monorail and cable car to different stops, as well as an internal bus service. The only free way on and around the island is to walk, which is what we did. However I did notice ticket machines at entrance points, so I dare say this will change in the future.


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