Guide to Universal Studios Singapore

Guide to Universal Studio

Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located in Sentosa Island in Singapore.  This park is family friendly and has attractions that all ages can enjoy. The park features characters from classic and newer Universal franchises, including Shrek, Madagascar, Jurassic Park, Transformers, Sesame Street, Hollywood actors and Ancient Egyptian historical figures.

There are seven exciting themed areas of the park, which surround a large lake in the centre. These areas include Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, New York and Hollywood.

On this page, you will find information regarding the Rides, Live Performances,
Streetmosphere, Character Experiences, Dining.

To see my photos and experience of this park see Sentosa Island: Universal Studios in pictures.


Key Information

Address:  8 Sentosa Gateway, 098269

Opening Times: 10am and closing time varies depending on day and season. See calendar for visiting hours of your visit.

Press Map for larger view

Universial Studios Singapore Map.jpg

Handing Information:

  • Child swap:
    • Parents with young toddlers can utilise the baby swap option at select rides.
    • This allows parents to take turn on ride with joining queue
  • Stroller rental and parking
    • Strollers (single and double), wheelchairs and motorised vehicles available
    • Most restaurants and rides have special zones outside to park strollers.
  • Lockers
    • There are four lockers:
      • Sci-Fi City (below Battlestar Galactica entrance)
      • Hollywood (right side of the park entrance, near the stroller rental)
      • The Lost World (side of the entrance of the ride)
      • Ancient Egypt (right and left of the entrance to Revenge of the Mummy)
    • Free hire period at Sci-Fi City and Ancient Egypt (short time)
    • Prices – 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours for $4, $8, $12 or $16 respectively or 1 day $20
    • Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON in Sci-Fi City and Revenge of the Mummy in Ancient Egypt require you to keep all your belongings in the locker.
    • For Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure in the Lost World, is also recommend you storing belongings so they don’t get wet.
Rides (🙂 All Heights and Ages ⭐ Express Pass)


TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle (3D thrill ride, Sci-fi City) ⭐

  • Join OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS to defeat villainous DECEPTICONS, who have invade NEST Headquarters to steal the ALLSPARK.
  • Guests must be 102cm in height to ride. Children 102-122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion.
  • Guest prone to motion sickness, dizziness or giddiness should not ride

Revenge of the Mummy (High-speed roller coaster, Ancient Egypt) ⭐

  • Plunge into total darkness on this indoor roller coaster as you come face to face with an army of warrior mummies and scarab beetles, fire balls.
  • Guests under 122cm may not ride

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase (Movie special effects show, New York) ⭐

  • high-flying track ride takes you on space mission where you’ll meet all your favourite Sesame Street characters
  • Children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion.

Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON (High-Speed roller coaster, Sci-fi City) ⭐

  • Choose your side – HUMAN or CYLON – as you engage in the ultimate intergalactic battle between good and evil on the world’s tallest duelling roller coasters
  • Guests under 125cm may not ride

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (River raft ride, The Lost World) ⭐

  • Thrilling river raft ride through the Jurassic Park compound, where prehistoric creatures roam free.
  • Expect to get wet!
  • Guests under 107cm may not ride and children between 107-122cm must be accompanied by supervising companion

Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey (Family roller coaster, Far Far Away ⭐

  • world’s first Puss In Boots’ themed roller coaster
  • Puss and Kitty adventure in search of the legendary golden eggs.
  • Guests under 100cm in height may not ride and children between 100-122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion.

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure (Riverboat ride, Madagascar) ⭐

  • Join Madagascar’s characters to embark on a river ride adventure in Madagascar
  • Guests under 80cm may not ride and children between 80-122cm must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

Time Permitting

Enchanted Airways (Family roller coaster, Far Far Away) ⭐

  • Shrek themed dragon roller coaster.
  • Come across the Three Little Pigs to the Big Bad Wolf, from Gingy to Pinocchio —
  • Guests under 92cm may not ride and children between 92-122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion. No hand-held infants.

Accelerator (Seated spinning ride, Sci-fi City) ⭐

  • Spinning on this whirling twirling attraction
  • Children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion and no hand-held infants

Treasure Hunters (Motorcar ride, Ancient Egypt)

  • Drive you own desert jeep through an abandoned Egyptian excavation site
  • Children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion and no hand-held infant

Amber Rock Climb (Rock Climb & skill challenge, The Lost World)

  • Scale the walls of The Lost World to explore precious stones and fossilised insects.

Canopy Flyer (Aerial ride, The Lost World)

  • Board your dino-proof flying vehicle as you enjoy a prehistoric bird’s eye view of Jurassic Park.
  • Guests under 92cm may not ride and children between 92-122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion. No hand-held infants.

Dino-Soarin’ (Seated spinning ride, The Lost World) ⭐

  • Pilot your own two-seater Pteranodon and control how high you fly with lever
  • Children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion and no hand-held infants.

Magic Potion Spin (Children’s Ferris Wheel,  Far Far Away)

  • Shrek themed miniature ferris wheel in Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop.
  • Children under 100cm must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and maximum weight limit per gondola is 200kg.

King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round (Family Carousel, Madagascar) ⭐

  • Carousel featuring your favourite Madagascar characters.
  • Children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising adult.


Live Performances

Lake Hollywood Spectacular (Night Show) ⭐

  • Fireworks show set to a brilliant musical score that will burst across the night sky!
  • On selected days, check Calendar for operating hours

Elmo’s TV Time

  • Watch your favourite Seasame Street characters direct their own TV channel.
  • Duration is 21mins

Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg (Movie special effects show, New York) ⭐

  • Preshow presented by Steven Spielberg on a video projection screen, giving a brief introduction to the use of sound stages and special effects in movies
  • In Main Stage room see an incredible special effects presentation of Category 5 major hurricane hitting New York City, goes for 3mins
  • Children under 122 cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion

WaterWorld (Live action stunt spectacular, The Lost World) ⭐

  • Based on the blockbuster film, “Waterworld”
  • Actors perform death-defying stunts, along with real explosions of fire and water
  • Duration is 20mins

Shrek 4-D Adventure (4D film experience, Indoor, Far Far Away) ⭐

  • Preshow in dungeon-like room, features Magic Mirror, Lord Farquaad a few others
  • Main show in theatre room, features Shrek and Donkey saving Fiona
  • Duration is 16mins

Donkey Live (Live interactive show, Far Far Away) ⭐

  • Donkey as he hosts this interactive ‘live’ show
  • Performance by Mel’s Drive-in waitresses, Shake, Rattle & Roll

The Cruisers

  • Performance by 50’s style jivers outside Mel’s Drive-In

The Rockafellas

  • In New York watch performance by B-Boyin

Sesame Street Shows (Street Entertainment, New York)

  • Sesame Street characters perform songs like ‘Our Favourite Things’ and ‘Dance with Bert and Ernie’.
  • Puss In Boots and Kitty Softpaws compete for the Magic bean

Madagascar Boogie!

  • Madagascar characters have dance party
Meet & Greet
  • Meet the Universal cast of characters including Marilyn Monroe,  Woody Woodpecker™ and other legendary Hollywood Boulevard.
  • Meet Minions and take photos with them.
  • Meet Elmo, Oscar and Big Bird a take a picture with them in New York
  • Have breakfast at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor (see below)

AUTOBOTS, Roll Out! (Sci-fi City)

  • Meet the leader of the AUTOBOTS, OPTIMUS PRIME, and BUMBLEBEE!
  • InGen Hatchery Paleontologist Dr. Rodney, as he introduces you to the newest addition to The Lost World™, the infant triceratops named “Diane”.
  • Meet a Velociraptor with one of our Jurassic Park volunteers.

Meet Egyptian Royalty (Ancient Egypt)

  • Encounter Egyptian royalty from Golden Age of Ancient Egypt.

Happily Ever After (Far, Far Away)

  • Meet Shrek and Princess Fiona, Puss In Boots, Kitty Softpaws and Pinocchio and get a photo.


KT’s Grill

  • Traditional Irish-American grill house with pub favourites.

Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor

  •  Original NY Pizza Slice and other Italian favourites
  • The gigantic pizza can feed a family of six.
  • Breakfast with Sesame Street characters! (Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor)
    • Every Saturday 9:00am – 10:30am


  • Fresh pizza and burgers, soft serve ice cream.

Mel’s Drive-In

  • All-American burgers, fries, milkshakes and soft serve icecream

Time Permitting



StarBot Café

  • Quick serve restaurant serving traditional Chinese dishes, such as Mapo Tofu and Szechuan Style Poached Chicken.


  • Molecular ice cream experience!

Oasis Spice Café

  • Egyptian-themed buffeteria serving up an array of Middle Eastern specialties.

Discovery Food Court

  • Singapore’s favourite local dishes, such as Laksa and Hainanese Chinese Rice.

Fossil Fuels

  • Chips, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and drinks

Fairy Godmother’s Juice Bar

  • Choose from a unique concoction of colourful elixirs at the juice bar.

  • Homemade seven-spice fried chicken done just right and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Marty’s Casa Del Wild Food Court

  • Curries of Southeast Asia and satay.

Gloria’s Snack Shack

  • Waffles, bingsu, crispy squid and churros!


Universal Express Pass

Express Pass can be bought at any merchandise store within the park or at their booths outside the entry of the park. There are two types of Express passes you can buy. The Unlimited Universal Express pass starts at SGD50.00 and is unlimited access to each participating attraction. The Universal Express starts from SGD30 and each ticket is valid for one usage on participating attractions. The Attractions that aren’t include Canopy Flyer, Treasure Hunter, Amber Rock Climb, Magic Potion Spin and for any front row access.