4# Colouring Update

I recently bought some amazing colouring books and new pencils that I wanted to share with you guys today and also let you know what I have been up to on my colouring table.

New books and Supplies:

Very recently I have received some happy mail from across the world that I am estastic about. All of which are high quality and beautifully presented products and books from Asia. I can honestly say that every one of these things went above and beyond my expectations and I can’t wait to get stuck into using them.

Firstly, I received my belated Valentines present, Holbein Artists Pastel Tone Colored Pencils 50 Colors from Japan. These high-quality Japanese artist pencils are part of a 150 set, but I bought the 50 pastel colours since I am missing these tones across my other pencil sets. We bought this set on eBay, but you can also find them Amazon Japan.


Next, from Korea, I got two of the most popular and beautiful Korean books, Girl with Poem Coloring Book by m.o.m.o.g.i.r.l and Forest Girl’s Coloring Book by Aeppol. I was blow away by both the quality of the art and the paper in these books. They are so well made and also include many examples of completed coloured pictures in the book. These books are quite pricey, but  I managed to find good prices on eBay for both.

Lastly, this week I received the Indonesian colouring book, Fantasia (3rd Edition) by Nicholas F. Chandrawienata. If you remember my recent Book Review: Sèrene, this book is by the same artist. Again I was blown away by this book. The art is very different to Nicholas other book, and the images are so varied. This is the 3rd reprint and I bought it from Amazon.


The only other book that I bought at home recently was ESCAPES Collage Art by American artist Marty Noble. I saw some beautiful examples of coloured work on the colouring channel, Color with Alena. Alena’s really talented and her work in this book inspired me to purchase itIf you’re in Australia you can find this book at Kmart and the Reject Shop for only $5-6. So if you Aussie you must check it out. 


Recent colouring:

After my recent Book Review: Sèrene, I thought I would do some colouring from a few different books. I started a couple from Skymningstimman, did one from Princess girl with my new Holbein pencils and then started Escape from Wonderland. I ended up getting a little addicted to colouring Alice in Wonderland images that I now have enough for a review. So here is a sneak peak of what I have done so far. Larger images will be out soon for some upcoming reviews, as well as videos. 

Colouring update 4.jpg

Reviews to come:

I have a couple of book reviews with completed pictures in the pipeline. Expect to see Escape from Wonderland, by Good Wives and Warriors on this blog later this week. Next, I will be doing a review of Holbein Artist Pastel Tone pencils and book review from Swedish colouring book Skymningstimman, by Maria Trolle. This book is now available in the English edition, Nightfall, but I bought mine back when I visited Sweden last year.

What will come next after these reviews? I really don’t know at this point. I am just itching to get into all of my new books, as well as doing some more colouring in Romantic Country series and Menuet de Bonheur and starting Imaginmorphia. If only colouring could be a fulltime job I would have the time to do it all.

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