Orchid Road: shopping nirvana

After visiting the National Orchid Garden, we made our way to a place that I had long been looking forward to on this trip, Orchid Road. This 2.2km long road is the major shopping belt, located in the Central Area and lined shopping centres. We only spent about 5 hours here but I could of spent a week combing through every store in every shopping mall.

We started our shopping expedition at ION Orchard Mall. This mall has the most amazing futuristic architectural and very luxurious on the inside. It is full of high end fashion brands, art work and even offers superior services (ei. butler and private toilets) for big spenders. For me the most interesting store was Faber-Castell, however it felt a bit awkward being followed around by the sales assistant.

Next we made our way to Tang’s, which is a department store. This particular centre is one of the oldest department stores, established in 1932. This modern Asian lifestyle department store, is well stocked fashion, Asian collectables, gifts and homewares. I had come across Tang’s stores a couple of times already in other shopping centres and I quite like the range of brands they carry. This particular store has a great hawker centre inside, called Tang’s Market. I was sorry that we didn’t stop here for lunch and that I didn’t get a photo of it. If your hungry and nearby I definitely recommend this food court over other nearby.


Next we took a detour onto Scotts Road and came across Scotts Square. It is interesting sculptures outside the building and houses more high end fashion brands.

We had actually detoured onto Scotts Road to visit the Far East Plaza. This another one of Singapore’s old shopping malls. They offer bargain buys by unknown designers, tech stuff and beauty services. To be honest I wasn’t that excited about this place.

We went back to Orchid road and wondered into Lucky Plaza, which I heard had an amazing food court and many small, cheap designers stores. I wasn’t too impressed with the hawker centre here, it was small and very crowded. I much preferred the one at Tang’s Market. I also found many of the stores were closed or vacant. There were also a lot of services in here, which didn’t excite me.


Next we cross the street to Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya). This huge shopping mall is full high end designers and restaurants. To be honest by this stage I was getting a little sick of seeing the same designer flag ship stores. However, then I found the Takashimaya department store and Kinokuniya,  the second-largest bookstore in Southeast Asia. Also on the bottom level there is a hawker centre Food Village. This food court variety of delicious options, as well as a large food retail section. I had a healthy noodle and vegetable dish from Yong Tau Foo and Marco had a Thai noodle dish from Thai Cuisine.

We then crossed over the road to Paragon Shopping Centre. This centre wasn’t so big but it had some nice stores and something we really, really needed, a playground. This gave Marco a chance to sit down and let our restless little person have some fun.

Next stop was the Mandarin Gallery, which had a fun display of dogs for Chinese New year. This is another gorgeous centre with high end fashion designers. However, I didn’t both looking much inside since it wasn’t what I was after.

When I through all hope of finding something I could afford was lost, I walked into 313 Somerset. This beautiful mall has a variety of international and young fashion brands. They also have a Food Republic upstairs. Marco and O got comfy on some couches downstairs and I got in some more shopping time. Honestly I wish I started shopping from this end of the Orchid Road.

Next over was Orchard Central, which is connected by the Orchid Gateway. These centre houses on local and international brands aimed at youth. I got a little look in here, but it wasn’t long until Marco  announced it was time to end this shopping expedition. I was very sad but also pretty tired of walking.

Since we were nearby we checked out Emerald Hill. This area was previously resided by the wealthy Peranakan’s family. Most of the building were built in the 1900-1920s. The styles include art deco and Chinese Baroque. Besides the pretty architecture, there are plenty of bars, if you fancy a drink.

On we walked to find the metro and walked through the Civic District Treetrail. This trail runs for 3km and along it you will see many interesting trees, as well as the Festival Arch and Istana Heritage Garden.

Our last stop where we caught the metro was at Plaza Singapura, which is the second last shopping centre on Orchid Road. This centre had plenty of quirky stores, including two  Paper Market and Art Friend. Art Friend was probably the largest art store I had come across and I got to try out a few products that I had never seen in person. Unfortunately they didn’t really have colouring books. Before catching the metro we had a snack from Wow Tako. Who knew takoyaki came in different flavors?

So there you have it, we walked the entire 2.2km shopping belt that is Orchid Road. Have you been to Orchid Road? What did you think? Which was your favourite shopping mall?

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